Here we Go! Feb. 3

Hey guys!

     If anyone is listening…or reading haha this is my first post ever. I’m not quite sure that I’m very funny and don’t expect much publicity because, I suppose, this is more for me than anyone else. And I know it’s cliché to post a fitness blog and I’ve seen, read, skimmed and judged a fair share of these blogs myself. But, when it comes down to it, the truth is that writing helps. Whether you are reading for inspiration, ideas or just reading to judge yet another health nut I hope that this, in some small way, breaks the cliché.
    But before I attempt to change the ways of fitness blogging I will start here: About two years ago, after being 5’6” and 160 pounds I decided to get my act together and get my butt off the couch. It was awful, I’m not going to lie to you. The bottom line is that working out, in the beginning, sucks. And honestly, it takes a freaking long time for it to be fun. I ran every day for my entire summer which means, I sweat…a lot and felt dead everyday of work. Not fun, but what came after was. I didn’t realize it until two months after I started working out but upon my return t school I had dropped 30 pounds! I didn’t log my schedule or journal my eating habits, i just ran and by the end I was thin and boob-less…which I accepted due to my girl-crush on Keira Knightley.
   And so we arrive here today. A month or two after my major weight loss, due to water weight, I gained back about 10 pounds, which looking back at pictures now was good, because I looked like I was dying. My issue then was, despite my athletic legs, the rest of my body wasn’t toned and although I lost weight from losing fat I didn’t gain much muscle. The point of this “Fit-Miss” blog is to keep me on track…and any others reading I suppose. I’m toning, so I’ll log weight (but always remember muscle weighs more than fat).
And so we embark on this blogventure and as a favorite poet of mine said “I hope you will ALWAYS find me entertaining.” -John Michael Albert.

PS. I’m chatty…but promise to slim-down 😉 the next post!

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