Oh, yeah! I went to iHop. I’m slightly ashamed but got over it because it was delicious!!!
So today I went to the gym yet again due to the disgusting weather. Cape Cod, unfortunately, looks so beautiful with freshly fallen snow (6 AM) and then quickly looks hideous as the rain and sleet make the ground brown, gross and slushy (6:30-the end of snow). Today I didn’t use the sauna although it was amazing yesterday, I really just wanted to run and go home but I did so many pilates videos!! I used to hate videos because I lost the motivation to actually follow them and lost the organization to figure out which video to do when…then I found CASSEY (blogilates)!!! She has a website ( with meal plans, and work out videos with monthly schedules and my personal favorite part: IT’S ALL FREE!!! She’d probably the most enthusiastic person I have ever seen but her videos are great so check them out.
Same run as yesterday check out my “Toe Shoes” post for the running circuit but today I also did 8 videos! I know…crazy. But i had missed a couple days so I needed to double up. The current schedule I’m using right now is the last week of January (because I started that late) and here it is:
Honestly all the video’s kicked my butt, especially the ABC abs I have trouble with it every time, but have faith after 4 weeks it does get easier!
Today’s Food:
Breakfast: I woke up so late I kind of skipped (i shouldn’t have) and snacked on a pancake to like 2
Lunch: A wrap! Provolone cheese, sundries tomatoes, green peppers, spinach, and turkey in a whole wheat wrap YUM! (It was so filling i barely finished half
Snack: Granola bar and thin mints ( I know they’re unhealthy but the fact that girl scout cookies existed in my house meant I needed to eat at least one!)
Dinner: iHop chicken and spinach crepe with hollandaise sauce
I’m not gonna lie I was super unhealthy today…all in all not good. I justified it by exercising so much..but still I shouldn’t have haha. I basically avoided the actual crepe part of my iHop meal because it tasted like straight butter (delicious but so bad). But I was eating out with a friend, I encourage you not to eat out…I’m always way to tamped by the menu so I never actually get a salad but tomorrow will mark my first official meal plan no tricks or cheats.
Stay Healthy!! Avoid those delicious pancakes and if you’re craving pancakes or something sweet try these only two ingredients!! (I promise they’re delicious and healthy!):

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