I’ve decided to do a recurring post called “Excuse Me?!” These posts will be done when I come across crazy things such as the above picture…


Now I get it, yogurt is healthy and personally I love yogurt, but if we’re being real nobody wants yogurt as a substitute midnight snack! I found this and thought it was ridiculous and here’s why:

      1) When I’m up late at night and I’m craving a delicious twix/milkyway bar I will not, I ABSOLUTELY will not look in my fridge and say “Boston Cream Yogurt sounds just as good.” That’s a fact.

      2) Some of these are good ideas, so I won’t disesteem all. I think the tortilla and pizza one’s are smart, however, they’re healthier..but still not really healthy.

      3) I don’t think that yo-plait special yogurts taste that great, and despite the fact they have a lower calorie content and less sugar the truth is their “specialty yogurts” shouldn’t be on your diet plan at all. Often when people say “sugar-free” it means “splenda-full” or full of some fake sugar with toxins that aren’t good for you. Also, things that seem healthier and sometimes are, can end up being a gateway-food. I know that sounds bad haha but after you’ve eaten healthier and you have a yogurt like this you crave sugar more and the more sugar you crave the closer you’ll come to eating actual sugar. It’s better to stay away altogether and eat a banana for natural sweetness.

     4) Nighttime cravings are tough but it’s better not to eat after 9 (at the latest) your body starts to go into “rest-mode” and the calories and sugar you eat won’t turn into energy as fast. So, you’ll gain more weight from those late night snacks than if you ate them earlier in the day.

     5) I think that thinking of “substitutions” is not great. If you want a “substitute” you will always be searching for something as close to the original as you can find. This will set you up for disappointment. You have to learn that being healthy tastes different, but that there are so many delicious foods out there that you may not have tried! Kale for example is one of my favorites! I hadn’t tried it until about a year ago because when raw it smells like broccoli and tastes bland and bitter. But after some experimentation I found Kale chips!! (much healthier than the baked potato alternative in the picture). No, they don’t taste like potato chips, they taste like a whole new delicious food and that is the case with most healthy things, so start experimenting!!


Kale Chip Recipe (super easy!):

  • Kale leaves
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Any additional seasonings ( I love Old Bay or a spicy Dry Rub)

Heat oven to 375. Separate leaves, to whatever size you want, on a pan covered in tin foil and drizzle with olive oil (not too much or the chips won’t be crispy). Then sprinkle with salt and pepper and what ever seasonings you like. Cook for about 7-10 minutes or until crispy. Enjoy!!


Cook some kale :),


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