Today was the annual occasion of the middle school play at my school…I somehow got tied into doing costumes since my freshman year and, despite the tedious and sometimes overwhelming work the job calls for, I am always happy I helped out. Honestly, sewing is not fun for me… but it comes with the territory so costumes tend to be a pain staking adventure, but this was my last year! Which, brings some joy but also sadness. The sweet little sevvies will no longer ask me to braid their hair or tell me secrets about crushes, I’m going to miss that.

I think I starting costume design due to my interest in “fashion.” (I hate that word because it seems cliché to me but I suppose there isn’t a better term)And…workout clothes are fashion too!!! I don’t typically wear the corset 1800’s dresses that I help sew but I do love my neon pink spandex Jacket! My guilty pleasure is lululemon, and if I had the money, my entire wardrobe would be from there because every piece of clothing is beautiful, comfortable and lasts forever! I have a white lulu jacket  that I wear constantly and it has an inside pocket on my back for my iPod, a ponytail hole in the hood, thumb-holes, built in gloves, front pockets, and a special hood that looks like a cowl when down. It’s the best thing ever!

Enough of my fashion rant, (I wore my special white jacket above while running today because I ran in the dark :/ and it kept me warm)


Again…nothing new my run schedule changes weekly so I am still alternating running and walking for 2.5 miles. If you haven’t read earlier posts, interval running is great for your metabolism and helps you build up to a goal! (detailed description in “Toe Shoes”)


Again my blogilates of the day today! I did core work today so, if you want, check out Otherwise do 20 crunches, 20 oblique side crunches (each side), 20 leg lifts, 10 roll-ups, and 25 bicycles! I know it’s a lot but I have faith in you.

Food: ( I have decided to start my meal plan monday …I know, I know, I say don’t put it off, but starting in the middle of the week stressed me out so… Monday!

Breakfast: A water bottle and some roasted chickpeas

Lunch: Celery, carrots, green peppers, and granola bar

Snack: I’m ashamed but I had gummy bears :/ not doing so hot, but they’re my weakness and were my “play-time snack”

Dinner: Salmon drizzled with balsamic, roasted asparagus, broccoli and grilled tomatoes

I love seafood!! The good thing is that seafood loves me too, because it’s great for your heart as long as the fish isn’t high in mercury (salmon, cod, swordfish are all good, tuna (sushi-grade tuna) isn’t great for you, so substitute salmon for tuna when you go out for sushi). I also love my toe shoes, as you guys might know and I love my white jacket and I found that the more you love your work out clothes the more excited you are to work out. Everything’s better when you look great doing it!

Find your fitness costume!


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