Today was certainly an adventure! As you can see, the brilliant Einstein is the inspiration for today’s post. Unfortunately I had a physics test today, which I was confident I would fail. However, it turns out I knew a lot more than I thought and got through the momentum/energy topic!

I find with exercise it’s very similar. When you believe you’ll fail, you lose the motivation to keep going and get out there ( to “get fit” ) or you do a shoddy job of exercising…and trust me I’ve been there. But when you’re confident then fitness seems suddenly easier!

Today’s run:

Same as before 2.5 miles alternating running and walking for 3, 1.5, 5, and 2.5 minutes!! And then my blogilates excercise of the day!!


Breakfast: protein powder in water and carrots

Lunch: carrots, almond butter (tasty!), and apple, and a lettuce wrap with chicken

Snack: almond butter (tasty!), and apple,

Dinner: I skipped (which is so bad!!) DO NOT SKIP MEALS! And I had froyo instead (buy one get in half off at Sweet Waves, I couldn’t resist)

Eat your froyo and use your mental momentum to get Physics-al!!

Bye for now,

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