Squat-r-Day Feb. 8


That’s right, you heard it! It’s time for some squats, though many people dread squats I find that you can make them fun! try and Make every Saturday a squat day, wake up with squats; they’ll wake you up and prepare you for the day plus it’s saturday! No school, means more time to work out. If you’ve been reading, the past posts have been preparation for today’s blog. So like “here we go” find your favorite music, like “toe-shoes” and “in costume” get on your favorite outfit that makes you feel great and like “physics-al” center your mental happiness! You’ll look great, feel great and want to repeat this exercise all the time! I promise it’s fun.

Squat Challenge 1:(click on it)

Squat Challenge 2: (put on your absolute favorite song and get ready to kill your butt and thighs)

Do 10 reps each at least 3 times and repeat if you can 🙂

  • Narrow Squat: keep knees together and suck your tummy in! the more you tense your muscles the harder you’ll work
  • Narrow Squat with Back-Kick: Same as before but now when you come up kick your leg back and then squat and repeat (alternating the kicking leg)
  • Basic Squat: knee a little more than shoulder width apart
  • Basic Squat with Side leg lift: Same as before but now kick your leg out to the side as high as you can (alternating legs)
  • Sumo Squat: legs wide and toes pointed out to the side, keep sucking that tummy in and keep your chest lifted and your torso upright (should work inner thighs)
  • Duck Squats: stay low like you’re sitting in a chair and then squat as low as you can and come back to that sitting position (these ones kill!)

So there you go! Squat challenge! If you don’t feel it props because you’re in great shape and do as many times as you can till your legs feel like jell-o. After you’ve done this (I like to do this in the morning) You’re ready to conquer the day and in addition I went for my run, you guys should too!

Run: Same as usual (look back at older posts; 2.5 miles of interval running 🙂

Pilates: Again I did my pop pilates at night just make sure if you do it at night that you do it three hours before you plan on sleeping. Today was upper body work so do those pouch-ups! And today was also inner thigh day to with our squat theme!


Breakfast: Egg white omelet with mushrooms and spinach, a side of plain greek yogurt with clementine slices in it (sounds weird tastes great!)

Lunch: Turkey meatballs! and roasted cauliflower (super simple recipe just ground turkey, chopped onions and bell peppers, two egg white and your choice of seasoning then roll them up and stick them in the oven for at 375 for about 30 mins.)

Snack: Almonds (new obsession), and a granola bar

Dinner: Sautéed chicken and zucchini over rice with a side of whole wheat toast

Today was relatively good I cheated and ate a peppermint patty after dinner, but other than that all healthy! My favorite thing about Saturday is the time to sit down and cook a meal! The food is so much more satisfying after you’ve cooked it all yourself, and you get to know what’s actually in your food.

Make those legs burn and happy Squat-r-day!!


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