Machines! Feb. 11


Ever heard of Rube Goldberg? Well my physics class is currently working on Rube Goldberg machines, which are basically machines made from many different chain reactions that accomplish a simple task such as turning on a light bulb of popping a balloon. I am having a blast! Because it’s fun to go to the little abandoned corners of your house searching for lost toys and old memories that you can use in the machine.

As a musical person I am proud to say my machine has a ukelele, tambourine and make-shift drum/trampoline in it…it’s beautiful thanks to the help of my partners. Anyway, how does this tie into fitness?, you might ask, because my daily stories always tie into the day’s challenge. So… and this is a stretch (I really just wanted to talk about my machine) let’s talk about exercise machines!

Yes, the gym sometimes seems easier than working out at home but all that fancy equipment won’t actually help you other than with motivation. I found that having a gym membership helped get me out of the house and helped motivate me at first (because I am cheap…and if I pay for something I plan on getting the most use out of it as possible.) But honestly while at the gym I didn’t have a drastic fitness change. It was when I forced myself to run outside and do a plank or sit ups that I started to see change. I’m not discouraging the treadmill…during the winter it is beautiful to have that option but if your street is snowless, you have no excuse. I have run on ice and snow this winter and so can you it will work your calves a bit harder but it’s truly worth it!

Run: Same as before 5min run and 3 min walk three times and see how far you can get with that. If it’s tough…it will never get easier if you stop, so DO NOT STOP! If you feel like you’re going to die then look back at my older posts and try an easier run or comment and ask me for an easier schedule. 

Pilates: So much cardio! 5 videos today 4 which were cardio based and 1.5 ab based. I felt so tired last night, I fell asleep like that *snap of fingers.* Again I am doing the february calendar workout. If you look up the calendar you need the password “hugsnkisses” to get into the actual videos, but it’s worth it so check it out.


Breakfast: Banana pancakes (two ingredient recipe in “Banana Sunday” post

Lunch: Wrap with spinach, peppers, sundered tomatoes, swiss, and turkey

Snack: 20 almonds and an apple

Dinner: Chicken (in pan with olive oil), asparagus, brown rice, and side salad

Yum, yum, I am officially (since monday) following my food plan and it’s working out great! I am never hungry, have drank more water and the food is delicious! I know I posted late again…sorry! It won’t happen again…ever!!

I need a machine that make me punctual,


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