Starbucks… Feb. 12


Ok…confession time. I caved today. The opportunity arrived to go to Starbucks and I honestly couldn’t say no. Upon arriving I told myself to get the protein pack or some healthy tea and then i saw the board. It taunted me with a drawing labeled “caramel flan latte.” That was it. I couldn’t hold myself back from ordering the newest drink. So I tell you, dear friends, as much as I love my Starbucks…resist the temptation and stay away. Now my “no-caffine” trip has come to halt…I’ll start again in the morning. Also, the drink was delicious (because I’mm bias) however I would say the peppermint mocha/hazelnut macchiato still top it.

On a brighter note the workout today was super tough and cardio intensive so I burned all those delicious caramelly calories away.

Run: Same today 🙂 5min run and 3 min walk three times see how far you can get.

Pilates: Only 4 videos today but I missed my run this morning so I ran right before pilates and man did my legs burn!! A lot of cardio that focused on the thighs…so fun after running 3 miles :). Again if you’re new to my blog I use calendar of the month. With free pilates videos for each day


Breakfast: Oatmeal with organic whole milk and a cut up banana

Lunch: Stir-fry!! It was healthy of course, just a little olive oil in the pan with onions, spinach, red peppers, chicken, garlic, carrots and whatever else I found in my fridge.

Snack: 1tbs almond butter, apple

Dinner: Santa Fé Chicken Soup! Chicken broth, cooked quinoa, black beans, tomatoes, chicken, onions, garlic, and your favorite spices.

Guess what tomorrow is!? It’s banana pancake breakfast, I’m making my pancakes in advance…as I write this so prepare your breakfast and get pumped! It’s only been three days of my meal plan and though I have a craving now and then I am super happy and feel so much more energetic. Getting rid of all that fake sugar and processed food feels amazing! I promise, you won’t regret it!

What the heck! Get a starbucks! Love Ya,


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