Dreams?? Feb. 15


Today I had the weirdest dream before I woke up!! I won’t describe everything because honestly it got crazy strange! But essentially there was this bet that whoever won first place at science fair had to choose ten people they would kill…I’m not sure why, because dreams are weird. It was between me and a friend and he won so he had to pick ten people in the whole world and I was one of them! Now this was odd because honestly he’s one of the nicest people I know so I got really upset and he told me that he couldn’t change his choices now. Naturally I stopped talking to him and tried to figure a way to save myself.

For some reason three different people would kill me, an old woman, a farmer man with a beard, and some blonde chick and then a different friend of mine showed up saying he heard about my problem and was going to help, then it turned out my friend was doctor who…what!!? And so he took all the people trying to kill me and put them in different time periods so they couldn’t find me. Then once I was safe I ended up moving to Europe… and that’s just the basic story. Altogether strangest thing ever.

Have you ever had a weird dream? Comment and let me know! I hope you dreams are to find a healthier better you because that’s my goal. After doing this workout. health plan for five weeks I have lost 10 pounds (which doesn’t sound like much but I’ve gained muscle) and I still enjoyed my chocolate yesterday, so dream big you’ll get there.

Run: 5 min run, 3 min walk three times. Never forget your cardio it’s the fat burner.

Pilates: Today was ABS and ARMS days!! I love working my abs for some reason, it’s the most satisfying spot to see improvement, just imagine a six-pack you’ll get there! check out blogilates Feb 15


Breakfast: So I woke up at 11:30…not great and just ate my leftover chipotle for lunch haha. About a cup of rice with huac, chicken and salsa

Snack: Apple, cupcake (oops..so good though)

Dinnner: Beef stew!! Yummy veggies and tender beef, normally I avoid red meat but it was so good I couldn’t resist and still healthy too.

Because I woke up late, after that crazy dream which must have lasted an hour, I skipped lunch and just had a snack instead. If you wake up around lunch time it doesn’t make sense to cram in three meals just have a hearty snack and drink lots of water!

Sweet dreams!


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