Science Fair Feb. 13

Oops…So unfortunately my posts have been saving as drafts rather than publishing lately…so I’m real far behind…my apologies!!

Today I nearly cried. First from fear and nerves then from happiness. One of my good friends, who frankly is a genius won first place at our science fair. He said his project regards “looking at DNA that regulate genes” and the title or his project involved genomic dark matter. To my understanding he’s curing cancer, maybe not quite, but he’ll get there one day.

The past three years I had been along side him doing science fair, traveling to MIT and having dance parties with the socially awkward science fair participants…but as a senior, much to my joy, I didn’t have to do a project this year. The overachiever and brilliant person he is, my friend did it anyway. Now, as most award ceremonies work they announce first place last which means that at the very last moments of the awards if you name hasn’t been called you get everything or nothing.I hadn’t doubted him before, I fairly certain he would win seeing as his project had 3 years of researched packed into it but I still was terrified and as soon as his name was called my entire grade (there to support him) stood up and cheered. I was so proud, I felt like a parent despite the fact I can’t tai credit for his genius, but seeing him walk to the stage, blushing and full of happiness nearly brought me to tears. GREAT JOB! Man I’m so proud of you!

So for the days routine…as you probably figured out I did the same run again for the week:

Run: 5 min run, 3 min walk three times and then I did my pilates at night

Pilates: all about your butt today! I tend to love butt workout because you can really feel it solely in your butt. That sounds weird…but with ab workout of leg workout and arm workouts especially you tend to work lots of other parts of your body, so while focusing on on section you still are working the whole body, which is great! Don’t get me wrong. The great thing about butt workouts is that it really targets only your butt. meaning you can feel the pain in that area, so get ready and check out blogilates Feb. 13 or do the bridge workout to your favorite song, don’t rest and make sure to squeeze your glutes!


Breakfast: Oatmeal with banana’s and whole organic milk

Lunch:  Whole wheat wrap with spinach, peppers, swiss cheese, sundries tomatoes, and turkey (I really love this wrap it’s simple and yummy!)

Snack: Apple and almond butter (salt free of course)

Dinner: A delicious salad from Anejo! It was the house salad with a zesty vinaigrette, toasted sunflower seed, mixed greens and other delicious things, go try one if your local.

Hope you guys are feeling great if you’ve been following, remember your body’s made in the gym and shown in the kitchen, you have to tone and eat healthy for the best results.

Go Discover Something Science-yy,


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