I’m not going to lie this is one of my favorite holidays ever, I can’t exactly tell you why. If I was dating someone, I’m not sure I’d enjoy it quite as much because I’m not real into cliche or mushy stuff, but I love dressing up in pink and red telling others I love them, everyone seems happy on Feb. 14th and …there’s CHOCOLATE! A God-given creation. 

The temptation is to stuff your face with the delicious candy’s that come your way but I encourage you to give yourself a limit. Now I love my chocolate as much,as the next person…if not more. But it’s easy to give yourself a cheat day and over indulge, and if you do this it will be ten times harder to go back to normal tomorrow. I’m not telling not to eat chocolate….because even I am not doing that, just slow down on how much you eat.

Exercise: Since the days all about love how about we love ourselves and workout extra hard to make up for those extra V-Day calories,

Run: Same as usual 5-3 run-walk three times (if that short hand doesn’t make sense look at older posts from this week. 

Pilates: It is love handle day baby!! “Love” handles…get it ;). If you don’t know I use calendar which is fantastic! so go check it out and if you’re too excited and just want to do your workout now I would suggest doing side planks (30sec-1min each) and do ballerina twists (side plank and then reach to the sky and twist your arm in between the floor and your oblique) and then do baby twists (these look weird but they’re fun) put your hands behind your head and put your toes together with your knees out and then wiggle, bringing your knees and elbows together.

Food Loving:

Breakfast: Heart Pancakes!! I made two ingredient pancakes with chocolate chips (dark chocolate) and died the batter pink and cooked them in the shape of hearts!! So cute 


Lunch: Grilled chicken with mushrooms and spinach (classic and yummy)

Snack: Heart Shaped Junior Mints (why not)

Dinner: Chipotle!! I love chipotle! The meat is organic and the food is delicious! I got a burrito bowl (only ate half because they’re huge) with chicken, brown rice, lettuce, guac and mild/medium salsa.

So for dinner and a movie I went out with my friend Mary, lovely girl. We were both stuck watching our siblings and I also had two additional children that I babysit with me for the day…and we saw the lego movie. Now, apparently the reviews were phenomenal for this movie…I thought it was ok but not fantastic I just loved all the actors that were in it and the theme song of that movie will be suck in my head for days!

Challenge: Tell someone you love them…even the cashier at Starbucks. Happy V-Day


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