Shopaholic Feb 16


Have you ever seen the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic”…well decidedly I am the main character. I honestly love shopping!1 It’s such a problem but it’s s enjoyable and I feel stress free even just to walk around a mall haha. Today I went to providence place mall which is a few steps up from our Cape Cod mall.

Mostly I went as a fun adventure with my darling friend, Bella, but also went to enjoy the company of The Cheesecake Factory and prom dress shopping. I know I’m a bit ahead in shopping for my dress but even if I wasn’t going to buy anything the thrill of trying the floor length silky gowns still gets me. Even trying on ugly dresses makes me giddy. And yeah, you heard it right…I went to the Cheesecake Factory!!! Now, despite what people say (that their meals are thousands of calories) it really depends on what you get. I did pretty well…shared a cheesecake but it was worth the calories and extra exercise.

Run: Same old same old 5 and 3 alternating running and walking…you may be bored now but get ready because tomorrow marks the new running routine!

Pilates: Sunday is a rest day…thank goodness right 🙂 so I did some stretching…(I’m only and inch off the ground with my splits now!) However…since I ate cheesecake:


and then repeat!! If you didn’t eat cheesecake, didn’t cheat (be honest) then now need! Practice your splits and rest, get ready for tomorrow’s run.


Breakfast: Greek yogurt with coconut and almonds

Snack: Granola, fiber-one bar

Lunch: Avocado egg rolls, and caramel pecan cheesecake (only half but…YUM!)

Dinner: Honestly I was so full I didn’t have dinner a nibble on some food and drank water don’t forget your water!

Happy Shopping! I know some people find shopping tiring and tedious, but find out what you like shopping for, like kitchen supplies, shoes, art, or …Athletic wear!


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