IMAX It! Feb. 17

So, today I went to see Robocop with my family in IMAX while shopping for furniture in our new church building. I suppose I haven’t talked about the new building at all, but nonetheless, I am super excited about it.  From our churches standpoint it’s an mazing opportunity to see our community grow into a bigger building and for selfish reasons I am excited that the building is one of the coolest creations I’ve ever seen!! On the fitness side of it, there will be a fitness track that lines the boundaries of the campus! It will probably be about 3 miles long and there are stops along the way for pushups, pull-ups and other things. It’s all very very exciting. Also, the furniture shopping was really chair shopping for comfy cafe chairs to go into our mock-starbucks cafe…where I will spending a large amount of my time :).

Movie review on Robocop: much better than the eighty’s movie, and very action packed however I think it drilled in the political message a little too hard. I got the point after the first mention nevermnd the next 50. But altogether a good movie.

So back to fitness now, as you know Monday means a new run!! So…

Run: 5 min run, 3 min walk, 8 min run!, 3 min walk, and a 5 min run. Just like a pyramid 🙂 go have fun!! I know it’s gross but that not an excuse it just means that you’ll cool off faster or have to work harder to stay warm.

Pilates: You know how mondays go!! FULL BODY WORKOUT. check out <;

I promise you won’t regret using this site! It’s tough but pilates really helps tone and paired with running to burn fat you’ll see results quicker and feel better!


Breakfast: Egg cups with onions, spinach, mushroom, and red peppers, yummy and really easy

Lunch: I woke up sort of late so I just ate some almonds and a cinnamon raisin bagel.

Snack: Water and light popcorn (no extra butter or salt)

Dinner: Ahi Tuna Salad with roasted wasabi peas!! This was honestly one of the best salads I’ve ever had. I went to PF Changs with my family for the first time and the tuna was seared perfectly and the ginger vinaigrette on the salad was to die for…truly tasty! I also had a crab rangoon and unlike most Chinese restaurants I could see the crab meat it was all cream cheese! They were delicious


I wasn’t super healthy today because I snacked on that bagel and ate a crab rangoon but altogether not to bad and I was pleasantly surprised by PF Changs! Now I have a new restaurant to go to!!


What’s your Favorite movie? Mine’s Casablanca




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