S-Nick-ers! Feb. 18


So today my friend, Nick (perfect for the pun!), came to school with a snickers bar the size of my head!!! I’m not even kidding, the thing was 2000 calories! In his defense it was a gift and he didn’t eat the whole thing alone, but I had never seen anything like this haha; it was incredible!

Mostly that snickers bar was on my mind the whole day, not because of its size, but because I have been craving chocolate hardcore! Stay strong guys! I have so far, but it’s getting tough. The nutritionists say it takes about three days to get rid of cravings and although it’s Wednesday and last Friday was V-Day I’m not quite over that craving hump.

Needless to say I love chocolate!! And the other day in honor of my cravings I searched and tested different healthy cookie recipes!! And here’s the one I love..it still has sugar but each cookie is only 55 calories!

Flourless Chocolate Walnut Cookies:

Run: Day 2 of the pyramid 5 min 3 min 8min 3 min and another 5min of alternating running and walking

Pilates: blogilates Feb 18 there are a lot of fun workout it’s a short day none of the videos are to long so work extra hard because you want those hard ABS!

Breakfast: egg cups again, with an apple and some almond butter

Lunch: Chobani yogurt with some rice chips

Snack: granola bar…with flecks of cocoa!

Dinner: Healthy Quesadilla! I made a fresh salsa with tomatoes, onions, cilantro, lemon juice and garlic. Then homemade tortillas with egg whites, coconut flour, and baking powder, then the filling with mozzarella cheese, turkey, and celery.

The quesadilla was delicious, you should try it out comment if you want a more detailed message!

Beware the snickers 🙂

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