Cramps :/ Feb. 19

Morning! So yesterday…I skipped my Pilates, I haven’t been feeling great and after my afternoon run (I gotten major cramps)…which I ran through so by the end of my run I felt pretty sore.

The point of this isn’t to complain but rather to say that sometimes you need to rest. Not even on a rest day. Sometimes we get sick, or tired, or whatever and honestly you’re not helping your body by working out more, the best thing you can do is sleep. I know, that’s super hat and I’m kind of a hypocrite because I never sleep…not good, but rest is just important as excercise.

Run: 5 3 8 3 5 min alternating running and walking respectively. Even when I’m tired I tried to run because it wakes me up and typically doesn’t hurt to much just raises my heart rate.


Breakfast: egg cup

Lunch: pretzels, toast with Brie and cranberrys…(not super great for health)

Snack: granola bars

Dinner: Crab meat with a sweet potato and broccoli.

Don’t have much to say about today’s meals haha Brie is probably one of favorite food despite the fact it isn’t great for you.

Run through the pain! Or take a break đŸ™‚

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