Many Apologies!! Feb 24


I am sooooo sorry everyone… to you and myself I haven’t posted in five days and this was mostly because I have been crazy busy and forgotten to set aside time to write my blog. As you can see above I WILL NOT DO IT AGAIN! 

Unfortunately the reason I had time to actually write today is because I’m home sick…stay healthy don’t catch the stomach bug it’s the worst. And honestly, I am probably sick because I worked myself too hard. From late nights, to music practices, to shopping and hanging out with different people….on top of my crazy fitness schedule I ended up spreading myself to thin and so here we are. 

Don’t do this. Please. I, for one, am the last person to ask about time management because I spread myself too thin all the time. But very time it comes back to bite me. Sometimes we can’t do everything we love and we have to cut them out of our schedule…it’s hard but it’ll be worth it later.

So fill-in time: Feb. 20 I had my typical youth group night, nothing to exciting in school. Feb 21 I had a dance! Which was ok…I’m not a huge fan of pop music but being with everyone was fun and I dyed my hair!! I’m a brunette now and am loving it. Saturday I got breakfast with my friend and then ran errands for like 5 hours (treat yo’self) also got my nails done. Feb 23 I went shopping again haha ..of course. I went to look for my prom dress again, still nothing I found this beautiful black and nude dress but it was way overpriced…ain’t that always the case.

Fitness: Happy Monday!! It’s time to toughen your routine!

10 min run 3 min walk and another 10 min run. You can do it!! Next week there’s no walking so prepare yourself!

Blogilates: Total Body Workout!! One of my favorite days because it combines cardio and toning! (Yesterday was rest day which means you should work on your splits and stretch out :))

Food: I love mondays because I get new food and new workouts! It really brightens my week

Breakfast: Oatmeal with apples almonds and greek yogurt and a cup of strawberries

Lunch: Turkey Salad (hard-boiled eggs, romain lettuce, various veggies, and turkey with a homemade dressing)

Snack: Carrots and hummus… yum!

Dinner: Tilapia with butternut squash and spinach

Sorry for my strong overuse of ellipses today haha I hope you all have been doing great (even if you joust read for fun). Stay strong, stay healthy, get some rest!


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