Impressions! Feb. 25

First off…this guy is amazing! My favorite is definitely the Robin Williams impression. Today while practicing my memorization of “to be or Not to be…” my teacher showed a clip of a girl saying the speech with accents from all over the world. Now, obviously this is her job, so she’s supposed to be amazing; same deal with the guy in the video above. But still, it amazes me!

Some things come naturally to people like voice impressions, singing, art, cooking, or fitness. And if those things don’t come easy to you it doesn’t mean that there is no hope. The typical runner is agile and thin with long skinny (but muscular) legs. That description…does not fit me at all yet I run everyday. Running didn’t come easy to me in fact, fitness didn’t come easy at all! I don;t have a fast metabolism and I’m not naturally athletically inclined, I just trained myself hard enough so that exercising isn’t such an impossible task anymore. You can do this too!! Whether it’s for fitness, art, or cooking you can always improve and work to greatness.

Run: Same as yesterday 10min run 3 min walk and then 10 min run again

Pilates: Cardio central and AB time!!! Go to blogilates for Feb. 25 and get your six pack!

Food: Honestly this is my favorite part of posting because I get to think of all the delicious foods I ate that day…I love food! (and feel so much better when I love healthy food)

Breakfast: 1 cup Strawberries, and some oatmeal

Snack: Almonds and an apple (my apple was so yummy today; nice and crisp!)

Lunch: Mediterranean Salad! (chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, and chicken with olive oil, apple cider vinegar and dried oregano/mint

Dinner: Tuna on whole wheat bread (i shaved carrots into the tuna mix and used plain greek yogurt instead of mayo so it was healthy

Confession: I ate half a salted caramel cupcake…it’s hard to resist when you live in my house!

Train Insane! You’ll get to a pint where it’s easy and then you can up your fitness schedule!!


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