Hard Core!! Mar. 5


Get it? I used another pun today! I’m not going to lie to you…originally when I started this blog I wanted to make every title some sort of pun (because puns are hilarious even when super corny) but I failed on that front because it was just too difficult. Anyway it’s ab time today! I think that abs are one of the most acclaimed areas fro being toned. If you have nice abs…what else matter? I mean sure you want a perky butt, yet at the same time most people…or at least I, always have dreamed of that flat stomach. The reality of a flat stomach is that it truly lifts your spirits. No more muffin tops and you can wear fitted shirts…it’s fantastic! But also hard.

Here’s why: Abs are one of the muscles in the body that are most easily toned…I know that sounds strange since a flat stomach is hard to attain. Good posture minimizes that bulge you sometimes see in your lower stomach. If you practice good posture and align your spine you will flatten that area..not completely of course. So, easy to tone but not easily shown 😉 (I like rhymes too). Someone can have super strong stomach muscles but if they don’t eat healthily then you ant see that beautiful six pack…this is my issue. After doing pilates for a couple of years I have very strong ab muscles but I do not have a six pack. Stomach fat is the toughest to get rid and it’s hard to stick to a diet of health plan but so worth it I promise!

Run: Same! 25 mins of running, pace yourself if you don’t get 3 miles in thats ok you’ll get there!

Pilates: Abs baby!! Do your cha chas and bicycles, and roll-ups also check out blogilates Mar. 5 the ballerina twist is also a great moves for your obliques


Breakfast: Banana

Lunch: Carrots, almonds, cheese,

Snack: chicken/vegetables (i didn’t eat it at lunch)

Dinner: I really did not do well today and ate ravioli..I missed carbs :/

You have to be hardcore to have a Hard Core!!


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