Juicing Mar. 14


Alright so unfortunately I haven’t posted in ages…and I can apologize a thousand times but it really doesn’t make up for it… But tomorrow marks a very special day!! I am starting my very first official juice cleanse!

Before, I could never do this because I didn’t have a juicer and having blended kale mixed with apple juice didn’t taste so great. But thanks to a good friend I have a juicer and am so excited to start this!! It’s only for 3-5 days. And that good friend that lent me the juicer is also participating in this juice journey with me so it will be very very fun!



This is the plan I am using…at least for the first day and then I may also substitute in some recipes from justonjuice.com so that I don’t get bored and break on my juice diet. I find it so much easier to diet (especially with something as hard as juicing) when you do it with someone. So grab a friend it can be fun I promise.

Run: for this week and obviously I am awful and didn’t post monday but its to run for 28 mins no stopping…if you struggled to reach 3 miles before…in this amount of time I guarantee you’ll get there.

Pilates: Still on Blogilates!! Check it out! If you’re going to prom this video is very fun and easy if you don’t have a ton of time do this three times a week.


Have fun with that!! It’s not to hard but it really works


Drink up lovelies!


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