Bread Bowls and Brown Juice


So it’s been a rough day..and a good one. Yesterday I was ready to face the world and come up healthy and happy with my new juicing life. It was that immediate adrenaline that comes with crushing a new task like riding a bike, singing a new song, or even cleaning your room. Initially the task seems great because you’re getting organized, learning a new skill or absolutely killing that song. But, eventually the thrill fades. How many of us actually ride a bike as often as when we were kids. After that songs plays five times and you’ve gone through a couple youtube karaoke tracks…it loses its appeal. And although cleaning seems like a great idea…I certainly hit a slump somewhere between making my bed and sitting on my bed and say it passes for good enough.

Like I said…not all bad things came from the day, I certainly hit the slump where mac and cheese and subway somehow looked liked a delicious steak dinner, but I made it through. I woke up invigorated! I felt healthier not skinnier just healthy and a bit hungry. Unfortunately, Saturday I could wake up at 10 which shortened my day (consuming less juice and taking less time to think about food). This made waking up at 630 all the more difficult, although I love going to church, and its typically a nice pick me up motivation for the rest of the week, I wasn’t feeling carrot juice that early in my day.

By about 2 I had consumed 3 juices and by this point every juice tasted exactly the same. I started to run out of supplies as I reached dinner so most of my drinks consisted of apples and celery…two things I’d grown semi-sick of. Then as I stood up to make my final dinner drink of the day my accountability partner texted me. She said she needed encouragement to stay away from the delicious fajitas she made for her family and as I received this message I was also watching my family make tuna melts. Needless to say, she asked for help but thank goodness she did because God knew I needed her encouragement right back.

So as I said..that was my last drink and sunday nights typically call for some Netflix time and well…most shows have some food scene in them and unfortunately I was stared down by a yummy bread bowl filled with creamy chowder. Dang TV! My stomach growled and I pondered my brown juice from the mix of tomatoes and spinach earlier in comparison to this yummy carb filled delight…quickly sucking down water to fill myself up and remind myself that I had 24 hours…I can do this!


Breakfast: 2carrots, 2apples, pineapple chunks

Snack: Grapefruit, lime, apple, 3 celery stick, spinach, banana and a carrot (good as long as you like grapefruit)

Lunch: (brown juice) Tomato, 3 sticks celery, spinach, banana, apple, lime, and 2 carrots

Dinner: Sweet potato, 2 1/2 apples, celery, lemon (this was good…very different but good)

And of course don’t forget your we know sunday is the day of rest so I stretched and worked on my splits but I also went for my run…enjoy the 28 minus while you can 🙂

Steer clear of the bread bowl,


PS. heres my friends blog check her out:

Juice Diet Day Two

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