The Power of Green Mar. 17


Tick Tock goes the clock and hello 7AM juice. So today was jam packed with errands, ice skating, and avoiding carbs and I didn’t have as much juice as I should have but I thought it only approriate to make my first drink a green one. HAPPY SAINT PATTY’S!  I filled my morning by drinking some water and savoring my 5 cute little almonds but didn’t eat until almost 1…not good, but surprisingly I wasn’t hungry because I was so used to the juice at this point it wasn’t so miserable.

Anywho, after I recharged and had my large juice to compensate for the mornings lack of yummy liquids I sat through lunch with my mom and sister…they ate Panera. But I held true smelling the bread was rough especially after I woke up to a jar of Nutella on my counter.


(with my juicer in the back…)

I may or may not have had dreams of a broccoli cheddar bread bowl with a side of Nutella-covered banana pancakes. But it’s all good because all of my juice today was delicious. I actually splurged a little and got a juice drink from a special Juice bar very very fun!

IMG_2603 IMG_2604



Breakfast: 5 measly almonds and a bottle of water (i also woke up late so…i was out of the house before I could remember to eat)

Lunch: Green Smoothie, collard greens, kale, spinach, mango and pineapple (if you go to Absolutely Juiced it was “Bright Eyes”)

Snack: some 10-ish more almonds…I cheated a little because I was lazy

Dinner: This was my personal fav it tasted like strawberry lemonade with beets, 1/2 lemon, 10 strawberries, 10 grapes, 2 cups of spinach, 1 cucumber, and 1 beet



So it was very fun…exhausting at times but It feels great to look at the past few days and know that I did it! And now on to the Daniel pre-40-day-plan detox. I know it’s a detox so I won’t be eating my fluffy banana pancakes in the morning but after juicing eating plain egg whites is a treat! Goes to show that the Juice plan is a great starter for a long term plan. The short hard juice journey encourages you to stay healthy so you don’t lose the progress you gained, but also makes everything look delicious including the healthy stuff that slightly heartier.


Exercise: Blogilates and Running! Ready for it? today is…drum roll please….30 MINUTES! This is officially the last week of your 8 weeks to a 5k meaning you can run 3 miles straight! Celebrate! Keep running and do the color run were they throw paint at the end or something that will make you feel great about success.

Feel the power of the Green Machine!!





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