An Exhausting Dinner March 22

Off we go, me and my former juicing colleague are partaking in this 40-day adventure together…which thank goodness for that! I cheated on day one and felt guilty until I talked to her…now everything’s better. So recently I was listening to one of my favorite Pandora radio stations “John Mulaney Radio” which is essentially a comedy station so when I’m bored and driving I can listen to different comedian (Mulaney is one of my favorites…hence the station) But louis CK came on and started talking about cinnabons and how they’re gross but delicious and all of this stuff. (I won’t post it because he tends to have colorful language) But in this joke he started talking about how he realized only recently that food is fuel.

He realized that the literal purpose of food is to keep you going as you exercise and work throughout the day. And as I listened I realized that, that’s not something we think about. When I’m bored I eat… I’ve tried to fix this issue, and when I get dinner or whatever I ten to stuff myself until I physically can’t eat another bite. Even with salad, I want to feel satisfied and full so I’ll eat until I have that feeling of being full. But the truth is we aren’t supposed to have that uncomfortable full feeling… no matter how satisfying it seems to be. Food is energy and if I’m not active all the time I’m not going to need all of that fuel. This is why eating a little piece of salmon and some salad for dinner should be satisfactory by that time of day I don’t need a bunch of extra fuel…the Europeans know what’s up because, over there, lunch tends to be the bigger meal.


So…that was a lot of words to swallow for a pretty simple concept…but I thought it was cool and something to help remind us why we should have to lie down after eating :). Dinner shouldn’t leave us exhausted..tjhat makes absolutely no sense. The nice thing about the Daniel plan is that it manages your portion size…and like I said I’ve loved every meal even if I don’t feel stuffed after eating. Remember: you’re probably not hungry an hour after eating…grab some water or carrots.


Breakfast: Egg white omelet with avocados and tomatoes

Snack: Homemade Artichoke Humus!! (Sooo good) with some carrots

Lunch: I had some left over salad from last night.. the shenanigans salad from Bobby Byrne’s is to die for!

Snack: Almonds…a couple to many I nearly finished the bag.

Dinner: Turkey Burger! I honestly love the Daniel Plan turkey burger, it’s simple and delicious and full of sundered tomatoes and basil!


Exercise:  Ok confession time…I know I typically say that it’s better to do your exercise at home because it’s cheaper and running outside is way better for you than running on a treadmill…but today I splurged and renewed my old gym membership. Although I somehow made it through running outside on the icy streets…now that it’s sunny I’ve lost my motivation…I don’t know I want to enjoy being outside I suppose and roll the windows down in my car but I wasn’t feeling a run. So like I said I renewed my Fitness Company membership today. I think this will be good and if you have the money I encourage it! It’s a great kick-starter and I always pay for only one month so that at the end of the month I am more in shape but ready to take on the outside world of exercise. One thing I  am most excited about is the classes! I have so many different exercise classes and monday marks my first spin class ever! My membership allows me to have unlimited classes which is very exciting when I don’t feel like “blogilates-ing” it. But for today I organized and found all of my classes and added them to my google calendar and tomorrow bright and early I’ll be on the treadmill. 

Run: …totally skipped out today (but since I mentioned Pandora before they have a great “Alternative Endurance Training Station” that I use for my runs)

Blogilates: Super Model Saturdays…this is one of my favorite exercise series because the leg workout is done in heels which slightly distracts from the burning pain in your thighs.

Splurge!! Go buy a yoga mat (I got a new purple one!) and some exercise gear (perhaps a pretty sports bra…boosts self-esteem) and buy a gym membership r motivate yourself to get out there!!! In the words of Parks and Rec: “TREAT YO’SELF”


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