Daniel Detox! Mar. 19-21


Ok so here I am, after finally staying on top of my blog posts…I am once again posting super late. So, although today (as you may have noticed) is not March 19-21, I will be posting for the days I have missed. As you see in my lovely picture above I am starting the “Daniel Plan” it’s a 40 day plan with faith, food, fitness, friends and maybe something else (can’t remember). Personally I am loving it but after juicing…I did cheat on this detox for a little bit.

The plan consists of a 10 day detox (which I shortened to 3-days) and a 40 day plan that is supposed to help you live a healthier lifestyle. Now I’m going to be honest…the harsh truth is that I loved juicing…did great and then I completely fell into my old ways. This was not good and not my plan. I hadn’t kept up with my running as much as a I should and although I love the quirky blogilates videos my past week was filled with late nights and by midnight I wasn’t feeling Cassey Ho’s perky self. So…I skipped a couple pilates days too (I always made sure I was active somehow but I wasn’t at the same place that I was two weeks ago.)

Back to Daniel I think faith wise the plan has been great and really encouraged me to truly take time out of my day to read scripture, which i typically try to do but don’t always succeed at. Also the food (although healthy) tastes fantastic!! It’s honestly so delicious and I haven’t had one meal that I didn’t like.

So heres a basic break down of the three day detox that I did:




So I just followed the first three days and if I didn’t feel like making one of the recipes on that day I substituted it with a different recipe for that particular meal. However, as I said, I did cheat. My first moment of weakness came with nutella…so worth it though, I scooped it on a banana so I felt a little healthier haha. Then on the third day I cheated by eating my mom’s delicious gluten free cupcakes. They were latte flavored…and I struggle to resist (again justifying my decision by saying it was gluten free despite the blatant fact that the icing still contained a ton of sugar.) Shout out to my mom check out her cakes at “The Scratch Cake”:

Scratch Cake Website

Facebook Scratch Cake


And so that was my detox experience…I didn’t really detox because I cheated but …I’ve been better and only cheated with coffee since I started the real Daniel plan.


Detox away,


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