Songs in 30° Weather Mar. 23



Yeah…the title is real. Unfortunately, because of our church’s move, the entire room that we normally do kids music in is covered in free stuff…needless to say there was no extra space for kids and our instruments, but the  show must go on! So the band and I packed up the instrument, pulled out the extension cords, and set up a tarp to have a little band set outside. First service was 32°!! But at the end of the day it was all worth it and kind of a nice (but chilly) way to celebrate our first official week of spring.


Luckily I chose fast songs for the day so that I warmed up by dancing in circle and worked up a sweat and the cold also motivated/woke me up for the rest of the day. My spring break comes to a close today 😦 I’m dying a little inside)  but it forced me to get organized. MY NEW CLEATS CAME IN TODAY!! And I got a beautiful new workout bag!! Plus I returned all the clothes I was iffy about that have been bagged and tagged in my room! Score for organization!!


Plus today was probably my proudest food moment. Although I cheated on what I actually ate (just a little) I made my food for the whole week!!! It’s all labeled and tupperwared up in my extra fridge. Chicken lentil soup, citrus chicken, roasted asparagus, sun-dried tomato/basil turkey burgers, broccoli frittata, homemade humus, avocado chocolate mouse, quinoa, power bites and I cut up my fresh veggies!! My kitchen took as long to clean as I took to cook everything but it was so worth it now I just have to grab and go as I leave the house. My one struggle is that there isn’t really any fast healthy food. I always have to cook or prepare everything before I eat but now…I don’t have that problem…try it! I feel so stress free.



Breakfast: Granola bar, orange juice

Snack: Fruit and some spinach-blueberry smoothie

Lunch: 1 Powerbite (yumm!) and some tuna with beet leaves as lettuce

Snack: Carrots and humus

Dinner: A piece of my frittata and the I snacked on some strawberry’s and my avocado mousse


Exercise: I went to the gym today and felt so much more motivated Not only did I do all of the above but I also half-cleaned my room so I was in a good mood.

  • 2 mile run on treadmill
  • 1 mile on bicycle
  • 16 tricep reps
  • 16 bicep reps
  • Split training and stretching with a mat
  • SAUNA!!! ( My favorite part of the workout haha)

Seriously….find a free night (I don’t have free nights often, so take advantage when you get the chance) and cook everything maybe it’s the day before you go grocery shopping so you know what you need to get…whatever the case it lifts a huge weight off your shoulders and eliminates excuses for eating healthy!


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