Teeth, Frozen Fingers and Spin Pains


After to waking up at 5Am feeling fabulous and going for my 2 mile run at the gym I settled in to the reality that I, once again, would have to attend school. But with my fierce motivation for an extra early morning workout I felt ready to take on the day.

As I said yesterday….I was particularly excited ecasue today was my first spin class ever!!! It was honestly so much fun and everyone said I would die but my instructor loved singing….so I knew immediately we would be great friends. I’m not a huge fan of Lady Gaga but I can belt out those adele songs while my thighs burn! It’s like sing row row row your boat while doing planks haha. However, my calves are feeling the pain now (hours later).  Note to self: don’t wear your toe shoes to spin, bring more water, and prepare to sweat! Also my butt hurts soo bad!! Not even in the work out sense where my muscles are soar but those stupid spin bike seats feel like i sitting on a pointed rock!

Although my butt i bruised there was good news from the dentist! I was the number one client of the day and I’m not going to lie you guys…I am not as adamant about my oral health as I am my fitness. But my dentist told me I had the cleanest teeth of the day and I nearly teared up I was so excited. And then I got my toothbrush and special floss in what they call my “goody-bag” and I’ve always loved that description because honestly…I think of the cool candy-full goody bags that I used to get at birthday parties, you know, the ones that all the cool/rich kids had. However this goody bag only has floss…a little misleading (I used to get stickers too but that ship has sailed)

On a less bright note I was outside for lax today and although I love the sport and want to soak up the sun…the unfortunate temper made me lose circulation in my toes and fingers (even with five layers…I looked liked the Michelin man) And that was basically my day. Oh!! And my food planned worked out so well! As soon as I got back from the gym I reached into my fridge and packaged my pre made food, everything ran smoothly and perfectly!


Food: (I cheated because we went to friendly’s so I had a few bites of ice cream…because yolo and I don’t use that term often so soak it in)

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, spinach, and 1/4 avocado

Snack: 1 apple, 1tbsp almond butter (some ice cream)

Lunch: Citrus chic with a fruit salad

Snack: Power bite!

Dinner: Some homemade lentil and chicken soup it was nice and spicy so it kept me warm 🙂



  • Run 2 miles
  • bike 1 mile
  • ab movements ( I love the standing up chair like thing where you lift your legs to work lower abs)
  • arms (16 reps)

And then my 1 hour spin class!! Pilates tomorrow hopefully blogilates has prepared me 🙂

Keep toasty, brush your teeth and try out spinning!




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