Piloxing?! Mar. 25

So It’s day 3 of my gym adventures…and I am feeling great! Not only have I tried spin class (my tail bone still remains bruised) but today I stepped out of my comfort zone and took a Piloxing class which is, as it sounds, Pilates and boxing mixed together. I was upset at first because the schedule said today was plain Pilates…and I love my Pilates, so I was excited to take an “in person” class but when I called the gym to check on the time…much to my dismay the girl explained that the schedule was wrong and I would have to endure some half kick boxing thing…I almost skipped until I convinced myself it was ned and intriguing.


I arrive 15 minutes early…as always and typically the room the class is held in is empty so I can stretch, chill, or whatever but there was another class when I got there and so I kind of pretend to use the equipment (not successfully convincing anyone I was trying). I literally got on a treadmill to walk while I waited…the speed was at 2.9 and some lady next to me was speed walking at 4.5 and kept c=glancing at my speedometer. REALLY?! Some people! I just looked over at hers and made sure my eyes said..”I can see you watching me. Do you not understand that?” Anyway When I got to the class it was literally me and one other girl and the instructor who promptly told me the other girl was a seasoned veteran of her class which to me sounded like “You will look ridiculous compared to us.” And my translation was correct. I can do Pilates easily…but my boxing skills weren’t great and the surrounding mirror walls didn’t exactly boost my self esteem haha. However I finished the class nice and sweaty with a solid burn in my thighs.


A talent I think every person should hold is the talent of laughing at yourself. You see, I looked ridiculous and the other two were pretty much pro Piloxers but every time I lost balance or was off beat I just laughed and they smiled with me not at me. Humility is huge! And extremely important. Sure, it’s fun to feel like the most athletic person in the room, especially when you don’t look like it. But admitting that we all make fools of ourselves is so much more fun. It’s one of the great joys of kids music…no shame!


Before I forget!! I found this new app thanks to my friend Nikki. It’s called “Balanced” and is free (i ended up buying the upgrade because I love it…but the free version works beautifully). Basically the app works as a to do list except it sends you reminders and has really random things that you wouldn’t really think about like taking a pictures or writing a blog post (this app has kept me on track). Every time I open the app there is a bar at the bottom of each task that grows the more urgent to task becomes and I feel guilty to pretend I did it or to let the bar get too long…so I’ve been keeping up with everything on my list (even checking my posture!):


So food for the day! Making everything is still working perfectly I might need to freeze things soon but so far so great!

Breakfast: Greek yogurt with chopped up almonds

Snack: Hummus and carrots

Lunch: A turkey burger with grapes

Snack: Almonds and the rest of my carrots

Dinner: A slice of my frittata and some roasted asparagus with a nice power bite for dessert

Honestly…after running, lacrosse and piloxing I was so hungry So I added in some almonds after dinner and I just a dab of yogurt 😮


Exercise: Although you’ve heard enough about it already 🙂

  • Run 2 miles 🙂
  • Lax (just do something active the nice thing about lax is that it works your arms so do some push-ups or half cobras)
  • Piloxing!! (Try a new class or do some blogilates core and arm workouts! The “sexy back” one is great!)


That’s all for now, try a new class or something you haven’t before perhaps you’ve never written a story, or cooked a meal, or painted a  picture. And if you’ve done all of that go skydiving! It’s on my bucket list 😉




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