Snow Day…In MARCH!!



Seriously Cape Cod!!! Ok…I’m all for missing a day to rest but at this point I am so done with this stupid snow! Do you hear that world?! STOP SNOWING!! Give me some sun and 60°! Please, please, please!!! Im on my knees, begging you!
Ok aside from my insanity induced from the cold I had a good day because I did yet another class…I decided to sleep in and since the snow cancelled the gym’s morning classes there was no Pilates today. So I switched to a later class called “Cardio Sculpt”…I had no particular expectations for this class, but OH MY GOODNESS! I died. I twas really fun but so hard! Technically it was a full body workout (so far so good) but I felt like there was a lot of upper body focus, which honestly is my problem area…Sometimes I think arm workouts are fun but for me they are so hard! Haha so I guess in a way it was good that I got that in my daily workout and I will probably go back but I am 99% positive I will wake up soar.
Exercise: I think one of my mistakes today was not splitting up my run and class…whether you’re still working on blogiates or going to the gym doing a 2 mile run before and hour of working out is torture.
  • 2 mile run
  • Cardio Sculpt (or blogilates…do arm workouts the victoria secret one is great and then add in some abs oblique crunches, normal crunches, leg lifts…the works)
  • I added in a few extra ab moves before bed 20 side crunches (lay sideways propped on elbow and lift your legs up together..kills the obliques) and 30 toe touches (lay on back and lift legs straight up and reach for your toes)

Food: I did pretty well today…aside from a small spoonful of nutella there was no cheating. If you live alone or are the sole food buyer in your house…as great as nutella and other temptations are I would encourage keeping them out of reach.

Breakfast: Woke up late…so I just went to snack
Snack: Hard boiled egg and small cup of yogurt
Lunch: 2 slices of citrus chicken and a cup of asparagus
Snack: Almonds and a banana
Dinner: Lentil chicken soup with some fresh veggies and almond milk
I will say keep the water drinking up (I haven’t mentioned that in a while) But as most of my friends know I’m rarely found without a water bottle, the more I drink the more I love it!
Snow, Snow Go Away, Don’t come again some other day..until next year

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