Busy Bee and Birthdays March 29


This song has been playing in my head the past couple days…because it pretty much describes how I’m feeling. The past couple days have been non-stop from the early morning exercise, to school, to lacrosse, to exercise classes, to meetings and music practices and dances….needless to say I’ve been booked and apologize for missing a couple days of posting.

Thursday for my new exercise experience I went belly dancing!! Which was so fun but not very tough…thats not to say I was any good but I didn’t feel like it was physically difficult ( I wasn’t sweating or sore after the class). But i learned how to shake my hips and look semi-graceful…ahaha or as graceful as I can look. I don’t think I’ll be breaking out as a famous belly dancer anytime soon.

Friday I took ZUMBA! I’m sure you’ve all heard of this latin inspired dance class. I have actually taken some Zumba classes before and loved it, it’s very fun and definitely a workout. It is quite the fitness craze, I first heard about it like 5 years ago and thought that it would be a fad exercise and eventually die out but since then, Zumba is still quite popular and evidently very fun!

Which brings us to today…I was really tired after doing Zumba for an hour and then going to a dance for another 3…so as soon as I fell asleep I was in a coma and there was no waking up for my 7 o’clock spin class today so tonight I will be doing blogilates! But today was great because it was my wonderful and beloved youth pastor’s birthday. Also shout-out to Emma another birthday girl of the day 🙂 love ya. So it was a day of delicious sushi (of course), multiclor-flame  candles, and cupcakes plus good company. Happy Birthday Josh


Exercise: Running as always do what your heart desires (that doesn’t mean nothing) 2 maybe 3 maybe 5 miles :). And then blogilates…Saturdays are “Supermodel Sat’s” which are my favorite because the leg workout is in heels…which sounds weird but really works and kind of distracts from the pain.

Food: I cheated…but sushi’s not that bad for you. he way I look at it is rice=gluten free, fish=healthy heart, seaweed=vegetable and everything else it typically a vegetable too.

Breakfast: Cereal in coconut milk (confession: breakfast food is my cereal but I LOVE CEREAL)

Snack: Nothing I woke up late so I ate breakfast late

Lunch: Citrus Chicken, quinoa, and babybel lite cheese

Dinner: Miso Soup, SUSHI! and maybe a crab rangoon…not on the Daniel Plan but equally delicious.

So that’s all luckily today was a mental rest day for me and so as I move into sunday…the very last sunday at our current church I will be prepared (hopefully) for the rest of the week.

Rest up,



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