Breakfast All Day

Breakfast at Tiffany's 1

My favorite movie…may have something to do with the fact that it has my favorite meal in the title… and also the wonderful Ms. Hepburn. Today was one of the greatest days ever! Not only is it the very last Sunday ever to have service in our old church building but I ate breakfast…literally all day and watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s in honor of my leisurely time.

In honor of our last service at the church I reconciled with “Jesus Soccer Star” and extremely weird song that I personally love because it’s so ridiculous and the kid’s energy was high and although we were cramped in a tiny little room it was so amazing to see how we’ve grown as a community and I can’t wait to see Cape Cod Church go even further in our new building.


So back to breakfast. As a semi-weekly routine the band and I go out to eat after our last service music and Betsy’s is typically the place of choice…because let’s face they have the best banana pancakes in town…and you know how much I love my banana pancakes (considering I’ve referenced them n almost every post haha). And the food was fantastic the company was good too…unfortunately wight he new church location Betsy’s isn’t all that feasible so I will be eating breakfast everywhere until I find my new (closer) breakfast heaven.



Breakfast: Granola bar, and some Special K in coconut milk

Lunch: (I so cheated) Banana Pancake, Egg Sandwich with bacon swiss on a bagel

Snack: Yogurt (key lime with granola)

Dinner: Cereal (confession…I love cereal not as much as pancake or bacon but the milk is so refreshing) Krave cereal is probably my favorite I haven’t tried any kind I don’t like yet.

…I think there was strawberries and a banana somewhere in there too

Exercise: RUNNING!! As always go for that run! It’s refreshing…and a little bit tough after the breakfast buffet in my stomach

  • Also Do blogilates or ab exercises… Sundays on blogilates are just stretching but since I hard core cheated today I figured I would do a bunch of abs so I did 20 reps of every move I could think of…there are many

Love You all treat Yo’self to some breakfast! Always worth it 🙂


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