Stuffed, Ashamed and Blind April 1st


So I gained 20 pounds today…april fools!! (sorta). In “honor of the holiday” I stuffed my face. but in reality I hardcore cheated today and was in absolutely no way healthy because there was constantly some sweet treat in front of me. With the combination of a lack of sleep and the craziness of teaching…there was no way I wasn’t eating a cinnamon roll…it just wasn’t gonna happen. My friend Lily, is gluten free because a possible allergy and today I honestly wished that I was gluten free because although I knew everything I ate today was loaded with carbs and sugar…nothing but my weak will was keeping me from eating it. In some way the threat of an allergy would have been a gift today.

However, I will say thank you to everyone that made food for my grade today it was all delicious…especially the cinnamon covered dough bites…or whatever they were. I probably consumed half the box by myself. Anyway, today was senior teaching day…and to my knowledge all of my classes went FANTASTIC! I honestly love teaching so much and I love David Sedaris, the author I taught about. Also my ceramics class that I taught went…uh well? I guess. Most of the students didn’t make too many successful things, but I did haha (half successful). But my ninth grade english classes were all great; everyone listened and for the most part laughed and enjoyed the sugar I served.


So then I had lacrosse. Typically, I love lacrosse and am ready for it after the day…but despite the fact I had less classes than normal, I was sooooo tired. And I only had my glasses so in order to wear my face cage I was basically blind all practice. Although, my favorite and previous coach was there helping out! And I missed Chappy so much, so that was nice but still! blurry, bright yellow orbs flying at my face wasn’t very pleasant.


Food: I’m not even going to list my food because in all honesty I can’t list everything I ate. I did (of course) get breakfast again this morning! My favorite meal!!! The service wasn’t great and if Betsy’s is a 10 of greatness (and it is) then I would rate Percy’s like a 6ish. It would be higher if I was in the mood for my usual there (California Benedict! yum) But I got my “betsy’s order” at Percy’s and that was a mistake. Nonetheless, it was breakfast… so let’s be honest…I still enjoyed every bite. And then cereal for dinner.’


Exercise: I did a run in the morning: 2 miles. Then some extra running in lax. Then I was supposed to piloting…but was too tired so I started blogilates APRIL ABS!! SO much fun so hit the mat!

Stay full (but not too full), and keep your eyesight…it’s a useful thing





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