Cereal, Cereal and more Cereal!


Ok so…as I’ve said before I have an unhealthy obsession with cereal… i just can’t help it!! It’s so delicious and honestly I’ve had it for dinner/snack everyday this week… I’m not ashamed though I’ve moved from to denial to acceptance and maybe the next step would be fixing this minor issue…but as I see it cereal isn’t that bad for me and when I have it with almond milk it’s even healthier! So…basically I’m content with my addiction.

My current guilty pleasure is Krave because it’s chocolate filled and the outside shell is light and soaks up the perfect amount of milk without getting soggy! It’s delicious but I branch out and typically try Special K (the almond/chocolate/ and strawberry are very good. I intend to try the cinnamon pecan which I recently saw while grocery shopping. But today I ran out of all my cereals!! I was s upset because I woke up a bit dizzy and with a headache so I slept in and then took a nap…and a mother nap. I wasn’t super hungry but all I wanted was my cereal when I was hungry!. So after a while I gave in and went to the store and tried an organic Kashi cereal called “Berry Blossoms” they were so freakin delicious! I honestly think that no cereal will ever disappoint me except for completely plain cheerios…but any other kind has always made me overly happy.

Enough about cereal, let’s talk…

Exercise: I went running (despite my apparent headache.. honestly should have rested but didn’t want to lose any fitness time because I have another LAX game tomorrow…we won yesterday 12-0 hope it’s an omen for the rest of the season) I only ran a mile because of my wooziness but nonetheless I got out there. I also did my ab exercises…I created one move that covers all of the abs sections by combining a couple moves (start in the V sit position do two pulses then lift to a boat then teaser bad to boat then out to a star and then a leg lift back to the V-sit)…kinda confusing but you’ll get the hang of it.


Breakfast: Nothing

Snack: Cheese slices

Lunch: Kale soup made by my lovely friend @byanopenwindow

Snack: Pumpernickle pretzels and homemade humus

Dinner: Greek pizza and a small cup of cereal 🙂

Cant’s wait for breakfast! Find your cereal!


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