Non-stop Apr. 4


Yesterday consisted of an early morning run, then school for 6 hours, then a lacrosse game, and then FOOD then shopping for Sunday’s festivities, then errand running, and by the time I got home at 9:40 I ran right back out to hang with my friend Katie who I hadn’t seen in weeks. I may stay up all hours of the night all the time but it’s so different when I’m not physically in my house. In the summer I’m typically working from 7AM-midnight which is exhausting…but I get used to it. So, sometimes the school year can be a bit of a break but just looking at my April calendar is stressful, not one day free!


So after being out till midnight, I thought to myself “Good thing it’s Saturday I can sleep in!” Of course, this works better in theory than actuality seeing as I’ve been awake since 7 sorting things out for the day. But enough of my complaining, I’m not gonna lie I like having a booked  schedule because it feels very energetic and exciting to constantly have something. Whether it’s a concert, a workout, or just plain school.


Breakfast: My Berry Blossom cereal (obviously) with almond milk. (I literally had a dream that I had to go to the grocery store and buy a ton of almond milk for some reason…I recently have come to love it, even just plain. Even though I hadn’t before…much better than plain coconut milk in my opinion.

Lunch: Carrots and Homemade humus

Dinner: Panera! (I cheated… haven’t been following the Daniel plan for a while now and I really need to get back on track but bread is delicious)


Morning 2 mile run, Then I had my lax game so I missed Zumba 😦 but I’m going today! And so I did some ab motions before bed courtesy of blogilates April Abs.




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