New Building! Apr. 6

So today was the big day!! So many people in our new big and beautiful building. And although we have the space for 1000 people in our auditorium alone the place was packed with a few in overflow and the kids rooms packed wall to wall. With the “Happy Song” intro and high energy it was certainly a celebration…although I w=kept being stopped by random saying “congrats” and honestly had no idea how to respond because it’s really a congratulations to the whole church. If I’m being honest…I’m not a very emotional person, I get easily excited about stupid things and am typically a little over-the-top enthusiastic but I don’t cry a lot or get overwhelmed very easily. But, despite my 20 million trips to our church site, today was better than I could have imagined. Walking in during music practice, seeing the huge line of kids waiting to get into our new “kids town,” and watching Junior shake it like Pharrel on stage were all amazing.


I couldn’t have asked for a cooler or more generous church to be a part of, and I’m so proud of my dad for starting it 22 years ago 9months after he was married. I’m positive I’m not alone in the excitement of the day and I’m even more excited next week to jump on the new stage with our kids program for the first time in our new build (and I will be enjoying a delicious ice chai that morning as well)


So fitness…I really didn’t do any exercise today because after the mornings festivities i went into a coma and took a 3 hour long nap…So I will be doing Saturday’s bogilates video before bed…right after I write this post.



Sweatfest at blogilates! It will help me burn all of the delicious carbs I consumed today! Plus I’ll add in some abs as well (always)



Breakfast: Ran out of my house and ended up eating an almond croissant at the office

Lunch: Panera again…(whoops) french onion soup

Dinner: A lamb salad with beets, blue cheese, soy salad dressing, and dandelion greens (bitter but great with lamb!)


So all in all I did pretty awful today haha I really ate carbs all day other than at dinner…but tomorrow I am strongly committing to a detox …perhaps back to juicing for a little while 🙂


Come over and visit the church! 1205 Nathn Ellis Hwy, Services at 11 and 9 AM on sundays



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