Soothe the Soul


So we all have days…when well everything seems fine and then one little thing makes it miserable. Unfortunately the pouring rain didn’t brighten my day this morning,  but it allowed me the excuse to wear my rain boots, and not do my hair. But by the end of the day the stress of things and thoughts was quite overwhelming and so I resigned to my “coping mechanism.” Some people might describe a coping mechanism is something that prevents you from going over the edge or distracts from addressing an issue. But to me it’s something that soothes your soul and eases whatever suffering, however small.


Somehow through the tears and hours of distraught stress I find a way to calm down and mull over everything and simply calm myself to deal with it. My secret! It of course involves my favorite movie and music and tea! What else? I take a long hot shower to wash off the soreness and puffiness of my eyes and, of course, play my favorite music throughout (a good mix of disney princess songs, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, alternative, and a few folk songs from “Inside Llewyn Davis” (great but sad). Then after I’ve fully calmed down I fix myself a hot cup of tea, peppermint is typically my favorite cool down tea. And I put on Breakfast at Tiffany’s because although I love Casablanca and would say that’s my all time favorite movie I would also say that BaT is a little more uplifting and light, which is just what I need. And throughout all this I’ll write my blog, because although not many read it, and perhaps it’s only my close friends that see this, it brings me some sort of joy to share or mindlessly ramble to unknown people. Disconcerting at times…yes, but there’s a kind of beauty in not knowing who my 25 view are from.

Exercise: Today, before the night was quite nice, I felt fully motivated even in the rain to exercise above and beyond. Not only did I have lacrosse, I ran 2.5 miles after practice, biked a mile, did multiple ab exercises then went home and before settling into Breakfast at Tiffany’s I did some pilates!

Food: So today My dear friend Mary was asked to prom by our other friend Carlo, he played a Jesse Mcartney song on his iPod while standing by a display of Mary’s favorite food (asiago bagels) The bagels spelt out “Prom?” and not only was this adorable!! But it was simply delicious!

Breakfast: Berry Blossoms with organic milk

Snack: Cherry Tomatoes

Lunch: Apple, banana, grapes and carrots (keeping it fresh today!)

Snack: Asiago bagel..because if you’ve experienced Cape Cod Bagel…there’s no way to say no to a bagel. (my friend Lily is doing a gluten free thing right now…I envy her self control)

Dinner: Grilled chicken with rice and bean salsa then I had some yogurt for my sweet nighttime snack


All in all, the day may have ended in distress but now that I’m cuddled up with my tea and Audrey Hepburn I have a little bit of clarity that today wasn’t all that bad, when bagel’s (or any breakfast foods) are involved how could the day be bad? Soothe your soul chickadee’s!





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