Movies, Girls and Games


So last night was pretty fantastic not only was it the opening night of our youth group at the new building but it was a girls night out!! With my friends from school. And although I got there a bit late and some of our plans fell through simply hanging out with the lovely ladies was fun. It’s not everyday you get to chill out and just talk to people, and with everything at the church being crazy right now, a break was certainly needed.

So like I said…the movie watching was at a minimum last night but I’ve already watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s twice this week and stole a stack of some classic movies from my friends (the Franco’s house) so that at some point I can have a movie marathon. Because chilling (for me at least) consists of going through all the classics.

My favorite part of yesterday/today was not just the party but coffee this morning with the beautiful Mary :). (Maybe it was my favorite because Starbucks was involved) But, sitting down with her while everyone else went to a tech day was honestly so calming. I saw a few friends from the church in Starbucks and then got to sit for a little over an hour just chatting and it was so nice!! Because it’s probably the first time in a long time that I’ve actually had space to do that. Love you Mary!

Ok…I know this is getting long (my bad for not posting for three days) but…MY DRESS IS ON IT’S WAY!! I was so excited when the delivery placed told me it would arrive yesterday and that I would get home ad have the dress to try on. But… I suddenly got an email around noon saying that when the dress did arrive no one was home so I would have to wait another day! I died a little inside but I guess the anticipation for it today makes it all that much better. Come 1 o’clock I’ll have it in my hands!



So I’ve done pretty well on the exercise front, it’s finally/almost nice enough for me to run outside but I think that I’ll commit to fully running outside when my gym membership is up…because I am going to get my money’s worth.

  • Wednesday: Gym I did 2 miles running, 1 mile bike and I was too late for a class so I did extra blogilates that night (I’m loving the April Abs because that’s the one part of my body that I really want to be toned…all of it would be nice but abs are the goal haha)
  • Thursday: No time for the gym!! I went straight from lax to “The Loft” (our youth group hang-out) and then to get movies and then to my girl’s night. (side note I love our new sound system for music!)
  • Friday! obviously that’s today and so far I haven’t done anything but eat breakfast and drink coffee…but I have a game so I was going to run but don’t want to tire myself out. I have a booked schedule till late today so I will end my day with blogilates and then maybe some additional cardio (I’ll also get cardio from my game

Cardio & toning ultimately will help you et stronger faster because cardio boosts your metabolism and endurance (and burns fat) and toning…does precisely that, it tones.


Food: Ok confession (as some of you may have noticed) I completely fell off the Daniel plan, and I was ashamed to talk to my Daniel Plan partner because …I blatantly haven’t been doing it. But here’s my explanation to Leiko and you: Since I am in a household of five and one with young, picky-eaters, my mom’s grocery list consists of almost none of the Daniel plan ingredients, and as great as I did that first week come week two I didn’t have the money to buy $200 worth of organic food for myself. This is not to say that I’ve done awful…just that I haven’t really had time to really dive into the book and read it and, unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of sustaining the Daniel Plan grocery list. So I took the plan more as a guide…to start me off on a healthy eating path…however I’ve broken that too. I really do think I need a strict disciplined eating schedule because I love food too much to modify (and I’ve done great with giving up milk) but the juice diet was far easier for me than this Daniel Plan because…all I needed was fruits and vegetables and there wasn’t a ton of prep time involved.


Breakfast: Coffee at Starbucks… might have nibbled on a donut at my friends house this morning..I felt guilty in the process

Lunch: Hasn’t happened yet so.. I’ll fill the rest of this out tonight!


Bye for now,


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