Spirit Week Craziness

10268648_601523203278117_1309725494512054344_n   10169408_10202233289286864_4940727177927363986_n 1554386_10202227034090488_73314838870941500_n   10269635_10202239694006978_6504474642181462470_n 10154443_601522169944887_3046885628659309265_n 1526326_10202251272016421_1932407557501962807_n 1520708_601664486597322_5679573809269656563_n    Ok so this whole week I haven’t opted because…well… as you can see above I was a bit busy painting  few things. Though it’s sometimes stressful and almost always increases my lack of sleep I love doing it because I love my grade! They are fantastic people that I am so grateful to have! Also…I’m super competitive, so if making a few signs helps us win, so be it.


The week was complete with a recreation of the “Post-it” logo, picture letters and a whole Nunnery (including a Rose window). At the end of the week…we WON!! By nearly 7 points…so basically we crushed it and Luke Johns, one of my friends finally got to live out his dream of performing his “sporks” skit that was his brain-child of 8th grade. All in all the week was pretty fantastic and great spirit week to go out on (as it’s my last one). There were some tests on friday that were a bit of a damper…but I believe all went well.


Anywho…my apologies for only posting this once for the week. Exercise wise I took my spin class this week, I think out of everything that and Zumba have been my favorite! It’s something nice and kinda of mind-easy because it’s exercise while sitting!! Even though it’s actually pretty hard it’s mentally easier to get there by thinking of it that way.

Exercise: 2 miles, Bike 1 mile and I didn’t get the chance to go to a class today because I had many music practices due to Easter! So…blogilates!! Prom’s  week away! which means:



Breakfast: Cheerios and the last of my organic milk

Snack: Chai tea

Lunch: Macaroni…I was lazy and couldn’t cook anything else

Dinner: ….not there yet


I’m gonna go watch Captain America!! Happy Easter everyone!

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