Pizza, DePaul and the Bean


…So I know every time I don’t blog for a while I apologize and yet I do it again and again…I think the main reason I apologize is for my own sake. In some way apologizing for being a slacker comforts me because it means I am not that terrible of a person. Anywho…I have been to the beautiful city of Chicago!! I mostly came as a last minute college trip, however I will say that I did not eat healthy…at all but I certainly ate well!

2014-04-29 09.57.12 2014-04-29 09.55.24


Some fun art in millennium park next to DePaul’s downtown campus.

So here’s the thing, city wise, I am supposed to be biased toward Boston…however I’m pretty sure I’ve been to every museum there at least 5 times and so NYC is probably one of my favorite places (not the sports teams). I love the busy life, the lights, the stores (shopaholic), I love broadway. All of this goes to say it’s fantastic, however, I wouldn’t want to live in time square or have to deal with it all the time. Chicago struck the perfect balance of Boston’s residential/museum life mixed with New York City’s busy-bee/bright light culture. And the school itself was beautiful, well constructed and had amazing food/a freaking FANTASTIC fitness center complete with classes and a juice bar!

So no we come to food….possibly ate the unhealthiest I ever have in a long time but  say vacation= break from health and honestly  couldn’t go to Chicago and not get pizza..that’d be a sin. So yes…it was quite unhealthy but I didn’t have a single bad meal I’m not even a huge fan of pizza but the place I went made me love it!


Day 1 Food:

Breakfast: 230 AM I had cheerios and coffee with a shot…because it was 230AM!!!

Snack: More coffee at Starbucks at 8 am

Lunch: I was walking around so much that I had to skip lunch and my lack of sleep only drove my stomach to insanity

Dinner: Lou’s Pizza!!!! It was SO good the sauce was fresh and delicious and I got a deep dish with mushroom and spinach…sorta healthy but the sausage on my dad’s was real and fresh and the best I’d ever have. If you’re ever in Chicago…GO HERE!

Clearly healthy as you can see the sign says no kale…my favorite

2014-04-28 18.25.39 2014-04-28 17.52.10

Snack: Gelato at Paciugo’s (health…ier alternative to ice cream, the choco hazelnut is my fav)

Day 2 Food:…this day is bad prepare yourself

Breakfast: Anne Sather for breakfast it was “swedish Cuisine” and AMAZING! I had cinnamon rolls that came with my ice cream-topped waffles… Yeah real healthy I know. In my defense I didn’t finish the waffles and only had half of one cinnamon bun and saved the rest.

2014-04-29 08.20.13 2014-04-29 08.34.52

Lunch: So full from breakfast…I walked around the city saw millennium park and then got a sandwich w/ rye bread! (i love it) before my flight left.

Dinner: I went to Potbelly’s…which I saw a lot in Chicago and was surprised to find one near Boston on the way home but it wasn’t bad I got a mediterranean sandwich which is basically a greek salad with chic in a wheat bun (not too unhealthy)


So yeah…Chicago was great and beautiful and I have no negative comments, and I am proud to announce I am officially attending DePaul University in the fall. Chicago here I come!





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