A Week of Audrey


So, it has come to my attention that I clearly have not watched enough of Audrey Hepburn’s movies and the lovely lady, although she’s no longer alive, turned 84 just yesterday. Naturally I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s to honor her, because she is my girl crush and it’s one of my favorite movies along with Casablanca. Anyway this blog post will not consist of fitness or food but rather MOVIES! Another topic I love.

Sunday: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Of course this was fantastic…it is one of those movies that I can watch a million times and never be tired of it. It is funny and sweet and sad all at once. It also includes the song Moon River, one of my first songs on guitar and a beautiful little tune.


Monday: Sabrina

How I hadn’t seen this movie before is beyond me! Not only is it a pretty popular Audrey Hepburn movie but it also has HUMPHREY BOGART in it!! Which…if you weren’t aware, is the actor that plays Rick in Casablanca! They fall in love because Linus (Bogart) is sweet and thoughtful unlike his dumb brother. I’m not gonna lie…I love me some Bogart, I could listen to his voice on repeat forever if only he could narrate my life. Also the song La Vie En Rose is in it which is one of my absolute favorite songs and, in fact, my senior solo!! I’m in love and have no negative reactions! Can’t wait to see the next one.


Tuesday: Funny Face

Well I dare say Audrey will never, ever disappoint me. Not only is she a fantastic woman but I have yet to find her in a a bad movie. This movie had the light joyful music, Audrey’s modest beauty, comedy and a little bit a love 🙂 I love your Funny Face and Think Pink are numbers that I think will stick with me, and that I hope to be able to drop into to normal conversation now. Possibly the test movie ever with FANTASTIC clothes!! (shopaholic). To quote the icon, it was simply perfect. If only I lived in her time! Those questions that say “if you go back and time what celebrity would you have dinner with?” are always answered with Einstein or Aristotle. But I’d want to meet Audrey, I would just feel so lucky to have her as a friend…Calc AP in the morn…so long


Wednesday: Charade

Recommended from my movie fanatic friend i piped this one in the TV…it was kind of strange. i’m not gonna lie but I loved it! Of course, I can’t hate any Audrey movie but this one was very different from her typical rom com. And I’ll admit I kept getting frustrated at the main guy character who kept lying and changing his name…which by now I can’t remember which name was actually real. But, I loved it…that’s all.


Thursday: Roman Holiday

AHH! I loved it and it was followed by a semi-final win with the lacrosse team so altogether a gray day! it was so freakin cute and that reporter…yum. Possibly the cutest of Audrey’s co-stars. And the story was great too, Audrey’s young and beautiful as always and runs off to Rome (don’t we wish we all could) and meets the sexy reporter who gets an exclusive on her, the princess, and they fall in love…of course. So adorable, although the ending made me cry! But I won’t spoil it.

Friday: My Fair Lady

Upon starting this movie…I was utterly confused haha Audrey weird accent was the most shockingly unattractive things ever. Although I loved the music and the movie and by the end I was joyous the whole beginning was quite shocking. But also hilarious…I’m not gonna lie since we’re reaching the end of the week I can honestly say I recommend any movie that the dear Mrs. Hepburn has been in.


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