School’s OUT!! Sushi Time!

Ok so…it feels like month haha probably because it has been. But, let’s be real, the end of senior year is a lot of work and there is zero down time. So now I’ll be entering my summer work schedule which honestly leaves  even less time at home. But here’s the deal! I am committing to at least every other day (hopefully everyday) in the rely AM after my run to write this blog and then go off to work. I need some consistency and maybe this and my work schedule will help me get it, while also ranting on here will keep me sane.


So I won’t bother with fitness or food today, mostly because I haven’t eaten yet and my usual run is to be expected. But  I am going to get sushi!! With Helena for her extremely belated birthday celebration and I think I talked about how freakin amazing Turk’s is….so I’m way too excited. Alright thats all for today! I’ll talk to you bright and early in the morn after I’m tired from work and filled with sushi.


Also graduation’s coming up…which means hello detox!






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