Work, Work, Work. June 1


Happy June!! Although you couldn’t tell if you were living on cape that it’s June because it’s constantly ten degrees despite the deceiving sunniness. But, I suppose that cold and sunny is better than cold cloudy. Anyway…I promised early mornings…obviously I didn’t do that considering it’s 3:30 but after working for 15 hours yesterday I was not waking up early…sorry.

Speaking of weather and work since it’s so freezing and I work basically on the beach I have become close friends with my steamers. Considering my job is open for the summer season…heating is not needed except, like I said, the Cape apparently missed the memo that it’s time to be warm so work has been a collection of fluffy sweaters and and standing by the only het source…the steamer. Yesterday I forgot my sweater and there wasn’t a moment that I didn’t have goose bumps (I had to rotate the front and back of my body on the steamer). And to top it off work has been super busy…not. I had 5 orders last night…FIVE! And since I had been at work since 6 am that morning my night shift went by very very very slowly. But I’m done complaining haha I just want a little more business because My beloved friend Nica has left for greener pastures so I am all by my lonesome. Point is…come to the Lure in the New Seabury and buy food, so I have something to do…please!

So as I sit here…at work (since it was slow I had nothing to prep for) I figured I’d bring my computer to write to the few people that actually read this.

Exercise: So like I said…15 hours of work and I woke up yesterday morning pretty awake but not ready for a run because it was 4AM, and I know, I typically go running early anyway but still…it was Saturday, So I went in between shifts…which was actually great! I was super tired yes but I think the run energized for the rest of the night rather than making me tired if that makes any sense. Since I went running in the middle of the day it was quite hot (the only time I’m not huddled up) and so I went running by the beach. My usual two miles except I ran the second mile in the sand on the way back to my car. Also I think I am going to start blogilates back up…this all depends on my work capability because if I’m beat all the time…sleep is probably more necessary. But, hey! It’s June 1st why not have a fresh start.


Food: (this is yesterday…since I have finished eating today and since most of this post was about yesterday)

Breakfast: 2 nutrigrain bars, and an apple

Lunch: A salad made at the snack bar…i thick work food will be my life now I probably don’t even need to go home, I can just stay at the club. It was lettuce, swiss cheese, pickles (weird but kinda of like banana peppers), tomatoes and light italian dressing.

Dinner: My favorite salad!! The poppy salad with fresh greens goat cheese and strawberries and raspberry vinaigrette…and sugared pecans (not super healthy I know but…it was on a salad)


So as you can probably tell…I officially started my detox although I got home and my family had gotten “Mike’s Pastries” which is this amazing italian dessert place in boston and I couldn’t resist so I had a nibble. but no more I’ve good today with fruit and caesar salad so maybe I’ll go grab another poppy salad yum!! Love you, run far and eat well.






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