Pre-Graduation June 5


AAAH! Graduation is days away and I am over the moon excited! But to make my week even better, I’ve been to the beach (no sun-burn!) read a book (finally finished Sedaris’ short stories…so good!) and am currently on my way to New York, thanks to my great friend Amy, to see Wicked on Broadway for my graduation present.

Now some may be shocked to find that this is my fist broadway show ever! I know! Alarming, but also crazy exciting!!!! As you can probably tell from the overuse of exclamation points I can’t even contain my happiness. I am in a state of complete bliss…quite a great place to be if I do say so myself 🙂

Although the rain is falling down I think if I listen to enough rain inspired songs (rain drops keep falling on my head by Emilio Claire Barlow is he one of the hour) the weather will change.

By the time I hit he city it’ll be sunny and all that walking around will be great excercise…because let’s be real I’m eating in New York because a. It’s New York and b. Treat yo’self:

Parks and Rec education of the day: A philosophy to live by.

Anyway I’ll post the morning if graduation or maybe tonight what my food was and track how many miles I walk 🙂 I’m not gonna lie I missed my run this morning but I’ll probably treadmill it tonight at the hotel!

Bye for now, fid adventure an treat yo’self

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