Facing the City! September 2nd

Alright, Here we go!! I’m off to college and as much as I love the city I do miss my dear friends and family back on Cape Cod. But let’s be real…I’m in freakin CHICAGO!!! And I love the city more than anyone else. It’s Day two and I’ve made a commitment that I will actually stay on top of this blog. Yeah, yeah I know I said that before and clearly didn’t do it, because it’s been over a month since I last posted something. But for those of you that don’t know, I’m a journalism major so this is a great way to entertain my interest and it will keep me constantly writing, even if the rest of my life is crazy busy.
So fitness…yeah, still my favorite thing, I still run every day and now that gym classes are free…well Pilates and Zumba everyday! But let’s be serious, I think a big reason I didn’t constantly write on my blog was because, besides my daily event recap, I always wrote the same thing. Fitness blogs typically teach other people exercise motions or whatever but mine really was just about my exercise schedule…which was pretty consistent. As a result, I got bored but it kept me exercising, because if I wrote a post and didn’t exercise that day… I would feel awful haha.
Anyway this blog will still have tidbits on fitness, but I’m switching it up because I wasn’t a true fitness blogger before. I’m going to run this blog with “segments” So not every day will include every segment but I WILL post everyday… at least for a month haha and if it becomes too much I will do every other day. So segments will include “Fun on a Run” which will obviously be about exercise and what I did/new things that I’ve learned about fitness for the day, “I Ate That” (name subject to change) but basically the food portion of the blog, I know at some point, when I’m broke, I will have to retire to Ramon but for the time being I am trying to stay healthy and try the local places in my beautiful city, “Sounds of the Chi-town” music education and favorite songs of the day, ones that were stuck in my head no matter how embarrassing and new songs I learned from all the lovely people I’ve met (confession my stupid friend Jake showed me Bartender by Lady Antebellum, and although I’m not a country fan, it was stuck in my head for a week…tand I kind of liked it…thanks a lot). And lastly some type of fashion segment although I’m not sure about the name…I’m trying to be creative but the juices aren’t flowing so… name TBA!
As I sit in Starbucks with my green tea, cake pop (obv) and my headphones in, listening to Radiolab, a great science podcast, (I know I’m a nerd), I can’t wait to post again tomorrow because it’s orientation! So lots of exciting news to come!! OH! And before I go! There’s an Urban Outfitters OUTLET ten minutes down the street from me…labor day was 50% off and so I obviously went shopping…lots of new cute outfits for the streets of Chicago…but that store is my poison…it’s going to be dangerous :/

Till Tomorrow!
❤ Bri

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