Free! Bad Writing? Lectures.

Alrighty, officially in college and as of now I am actually transcribing this from my handy dandy notebook (;) blues clues) because I was out all day and when I had a moment to chill at dinner I decided to write to you guys.

Orientation…wasnt exactly what I expected. It mostly consisted of lectures mixed with subpar food and new people. But I met Band A (since they probably don’t know about my blog they will remain anonymous for the time being). Anyway they’re super chill and down to earth which I needed. Basically the just of the day was that drugs are bad and sex needs consent…go figure;solid point DePaul. I guess I get addressing the issue but at the same time…common sense? I feel like 8 hours of lectures is overkill but whatever, still excited to start classes! The rest of orientation was mostly about school history…all pretty orientation-standard.

Segments for the day!!!

Thought for Food (see what I did there πŸ˜‰ my diet basically consisted of granola bars and coffee (a lot of coffee haha…6 cups today) and the cafeteria free dinner. Free!! yay…due to “orientation perks” but it was free for a reason haha. Tomorrow for free breakfast and lunch I might stock up on my granola bars and chow on my Krave and organic milk (went grocery shopping so fun!) before I go out to face another 8 hours! Woo!

side note; I really miss writing with my pen cause normally I just type everything, and from that my hand writing looks so bad haha. But, the feel of my pen and the paper sliding under my hand as I skim the page is somewhat sentimental. My hand writing might be bad due to that fact I’m rushing to finish this during my allotted dinner time but whatever the case it’s rough.

Photo on 9-3-14 at 10.49 PM

Street Style: Ok I now that segment name is lame (rhyme!) but I can’t think of one now haha. This also not really about the cute outfits on the streets because I was inside most of the day…but well overlook that haha. Today fashion consisted of FREE T-SHIRTS!! The best kind of shirt, I think, haha.

Photo on 9-3-14 at 10.40 PM

So cute thanks Depaul Rec Center!

Also in the fashion agenda, there were cute Birks, I want a pair so bad!! There was also a girl in a loose lace dress that was over a white under dress thing and combat boots…not sure I could pull it off but she looked like she was straight out of Pinterest…so props to her. Also all of my AE clothes came in the mail today!! I know it sounds kinda weird but receiving mail in my new mailbox was kind of exciting haha milestone in my college life πŸ™‚

On today’s fitness stuff I just ran my normal 2 miles so…no special segment but tomorrow I will talk about Aquatic Zumba potentially…(so bad at normal Zumba this will be interesting).Β 


Sounds of Chi-Town! I don’t have anything new but song of the day is from Inside Llewyn Days …super depressing movie but great sound track! Kinda folksy and easily stuck in my head πŸ™‚ Enjoy!

Talk to you tomorrow!! Let’s go another 8 hours of orientation.


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