I’m gonna Marry Ben and Jerry’s


OH NOOO!! I missed a day already :/ its only day 3 of posting but that just means two today 🙂

Day two of orientation was a little better, less lecturing more quality time with the small group, all in all it wasn’t bad. Honestly there was a lot of repetition in the speeches so it got quite boring but on the positive side… I found a church buddy! My friend B is exploring the city with me on sunday and we’re also trying out restaurants so…don’t miss sundays post it will be exciting!

Thought for food: Ummm I honestly can’t rely remember what I at there was a whole lot of cafeteria food i.e. I stuck to my granola bars and then a lot of ben and jerrys ice cream 🙂 movie night with the girls in my dorm, although there was much watching the movie as there was talking. Even as I write this I’m having ben and jerrys for breakfast but its fine because Im going to the gym later

OK just got back from the gym…obviously i was supposed to finish this this morning and that didn’t happen haha but needless to say the day ended we’ll with a ice cream and a girls movie night and I got to talk to Jake and although I miss everyone back home I’m enjoying myself here and can’t wait to start my classes (Especially MUSIC THEORY!)


Street Style: Well I wore my Zinnia earrings (miss that stores!!) And my thaiand pants!! Which I love with a crop top and street style guys….soccer players here…so hot! They walked in,in a crowd at lunch haha too much beauty at once.


Alright talk to you in like 4 hours haha about today


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