Week one of Real School

OK so technically I don’t have classes till thursday…which means I have so much free time still!! But I officially have my first classes this week, Music Theory is probably the one I’m most excited about but well see as the quarter goes on :).  I know I clearly didn’t stick to everyday already…and I decided I would stop truing to make that commitment because its not so much that I don’t have time but rather that I really forget until I’m snuggled in my bed…which is bunked and impossible to climb out of soo… by the time i’m up there, I’m not coming down.


So Yesterday I went to Willow Creek Church and although it was great! The message was solid and the music was good…it wasn’t even close to Cape Cod Church back home… I miss the kids program, and our music was so dang good! But I’m sure I’ll find my fit out here the next couple sundays I will be “church-sampling” I have a feeling I’ll go back to willow, but I don’t know until I try. 

Mackenzie one of our lovely friends here at DePaul officially hits the top of my list of the new favorite people because not only does she radiate Alexa Franco (so I immediately love her) but she truly is so fun to be around. We’re going shopping today!! Hopefully I find some nice fall boots…it’s sunny but unfortunately I think the cold front is coming in…I must prepare.

Street Style: Well I only went out to Starbucks/lunch really today but I looked good 🙂 haha I had a floral print top with and open back, dark jeans, gladiator sandals, and braided boho hairdo…I was proud. 

Thought for Food:….YUM! The non-cafeteria options have finally opened up for the meal plan! So I went to the deli and got a sandwich, flatbread, tofu, red onions, cucumbers, olives, jalepenos, greek dressing and spinach! It was zoo good!! Glad my meal plan isn’t too boring…at least for now haha. I might have to get creative come January. 

Fitness: Yoga sculpt on Saturday…torturous! I mean it was nice, definitely a work out but I sweat much more than anticipated haha. Going to yoga today and yesterday I went to the beach, which was beautiful! Walked probably 5 miles to the beach and back haha but today I also when running along the beach because there’s a track that goes around the whole thing which is really nice. Ok!! Gotta go get ready for my yoga class 🙂


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