Tiffany’s and Michigan Ave.

Hey hey hey!! So today, although exhausting, was super fun…very expensive, but at the end of the day I can honestly say that I feel more relaxed now that I have a stockpile of winter gear. On Wednesday here in lovely Chicago the weather decided to be moody and nearly snow!!! It’s freakin SEPTEMBER! Not cool. Back home it’s probably sunny and 70, but here I’m chillin in 40º weather. But… I decided to finally take the plunge and splurge on some Frye boots….

2014-09-13 17.17.16

Street Style: AHHHHHH!!! YES! Finally got the courage to have a… Treat Yo’self day!

Fine. Leather. Goods. THE BEST DAY OF THE YEAR!

Haha so anyway…that happened and although it was quite a bit of money…it includes a 5yr warranty and the store will wax them for me! whenever I want!…so that’s cool and they’ll last a lifetime.

So I’m walking down Michigan Ave…now let me just say this street is hella long so when you go further down you see stores like Marshalls, Forever 21, etc. but the earlier part…with the Frye Company store…well that’s filled with Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, many others and TIFFANY’S!! So, I walk into Tiffany’s with my Frye shopping bag and M.A.C. bag, and I looked pretty good…not gonna lie, and I received immediate attention!! I felt like I was in a fairytale, I was so out of place (because let’s be honest I can’t afford anything in that section of Michigan Ave) but because of my Frye bag I looked like I belonged there haha. Out of curiosity and high hopes to own something from Tiff’s I asked what the cheapest ring was (that was just a ring not an engagement ring) and the answer was: “Well, we have some silver bands starting at $115 but there are very popular designs on the cheaper side starting at around $200.” I kept my cool and politely nodded and said thank you but inside I was slightly crushed because I wasn’t paying for that and my mind was also screaming “100 DOLLARS FOR A STERLING SILVER BAND! Dang Tiffany I love you, but girl, you’re crazy!”  So…in the meantime, since I can’t afford my own Tiffany jewelry I’ll wait and make sure my future beau knows I want my engagement ring from there 🙂 Since I was in the area I walked through Anthropologie too and as much as I love their stuff I think a 238$ scarf was a bit much for me. So I went to Marshall’s and bought a thick white peacoat (so cute!) and a black trench/rain jacket with tan lining! Chicago…watch out I’m ready.

Thought for Food: So since I was out shopping I really didn’t eat; I was pretty determined to get things done this morning because I’m going out to see “Second City” tonight (Chicago’s SNL basically) and I wanted to write to you all before I left. I had a Blackberry Mojito Green Tea Lemonade (make the name longer please) from Starbucks and some organic easy mac…haha very hungry, but I’ll get some yummy dining hall food before I leave for the show :). On food though! I found this place downtown called Yolk! I was supposed to go with Becca (B from the previous post) after church but it was a far walk…it’s so delicious!! Can’t wait to try a new church tomorrow too!

Sounds of Chi-Town: So tomorrow is A Capella auditions….so nervous!! Pray for me! In honor today’s song is my audition piece by the Civil Wars (choice help from Kaleigh! Thanks lady)

Love You!! Watch SNL soon! I’m gonna go get my laugh on


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