A cappella, Interviews, and Shoes!


Ok so Sunday night, as many of you knew, was my a cappella auditions…shaking nervous because even though singing in front of 400 is no big deal…singing for 13 people that are judging me is a different story. I sang From this Valley, thought it went well but was so nervous that I nearly walked out before they finished asking me questions just because I was jumpy and thought they were done. So all night I was a nervous wreck thinking that by 1AM if I hadn’t heard…that I didn’t get a callback. But!!! By 3AM I received an email (I got it the next morning haha) anyway the email was good news I got a callback! 17 of 90 something!! So I was happy and the callbacks were honestly so cool! Everyone in the group was amazing and fun and sounded awesome. Unfortunately this morning at 2 AM (up doing my communications reading) I got the second email that determined whether I was in in. So yeah 4 people one from each voice part were accepted and although I was crushed…4 of 90+ is a very slim chance, plus on the positive I made callbacks and my friend Becca got the alto part!!!! So proud of her 🙂

So anyway after getting that email I couldn’t focus on my reading because I was pretty broken up, so I decided to sleep (didn’t fall asleep for another hour but I tried). Since I went to sleep before I was done with my freakin 50 pages of text book reading… I woke up early to finish haha. Class was fine and with 8 pages of notes (back and front) I felt pretty prepared haha and then I went to music theory and there was a boy (sophomore) who was in the all mens a cappella (dMac) and it came up in class…just another bitter reminder. But, I heard him sing a solo (Sweater Weather, good choice!) at a performance…voice of an angel so…sitting next to him soon 😉 (not bad to look at either)

By 2:15 my classes were done and it had been a pretty crappy day; I was in a bad mood, had zero sleep, had limited time to enjoy my coffee and my shoulder hurt from walking all over campus with my bag (my classes are soooo spread out). So I decided to go to the student center and check my mail. My boots came in!! My mom sent them a while ago because I left them at home and had been waiting for them to come in, so that made the day a bit better. Then I was planning on going to Starbucks, enjoying my second green tea lemonade of the day and writing this blog for you guys…however exhaustion ruled out so I went home in hopes of a nap but became sucked in by House my current binge series of choice.

Around 4:30 I get a call. I have no idea who from, but it’s an Illinois number so I answer and…JOB INTERVIEW! The gym I applied to, picked my application for a second round interview! So between this and the shoes and cute music theory guy my day was looking up. And by 7 I decided to actually take a nap which lasted all of 15 minutes, so I grabbed some coffee and prepared myself for the rest of the night. Chatting and a night in was really nice and relaxing and I got to Skype with my friend so, all in all, a nice day. My constant positive analysis of the rejection from Inter-Chorus started to set in and I was finally calm and actually ok, not just lying about being okay haha. I’m also going to be in club lax!! WOOH! So first meeting tomorrow after Cru hopefully all goes well

Oh!! I almost forgot! Church on Sunday! I went with Becca again (my church buddy, love that lady). We went to Missio Dei in Wrigleyville and it was really cool a much more “hipster” church with acoustic music, square framed glasses, cuffed jeans and sweater vests. I will say, there wasn’t a lack of good looking men and the preacher was great! However it was such a large population of young college students (which could be cool) that there was really no one over like 28 and therefore a really small children’s ministry and a lack of diversity in small groups and such. So the church was great but not my final destination in church shopping. This next Sunday Becca and I are going to Harvest Church which a lot of kids from Cru go to so hopefully that’ll be fun and then the week after I think we’ll check out City Church (cause when Hillsong’s around you have to go at least once). Anyway lot’s of church shopping to do and hopefully by October I will find the church that best fits, nothing has been bad yet so I have some quality options.

Sounds of Chi-Town: Even though I didn’t get in, I still admire the beautiful sound and this song live…ridiculous!! My jaw literally dropped haha enjoy:

Much Love,


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