Sick. Sucks. But there’s always Calvin!


Waking up with a soar throat is never fun. You have that slight burning between your nose and throat and swallowing your own saliva feels like someone’s cutting out your vocal cords. Unfortunately being sick at school makes it all the worse. I have no medicine…or money for medicine and I can’t skip class because if I miss one it’s 1/10 of the class gone! Plus singing in church is more difficult and exercising…ultimately the point here is that I hate being sick! Everything is so much tougher that way.


Anyway today was Sunday haha in case you didn’t know 😉 and I visited Harvest Bible Chapel with Becca I would say so far it’s the best one! I loved it!! Music was great similar to back home…but not as good because no one compares to Alan and the CCC band and the message was great! However it was telecast which kinda sucked. As good of a speaker as he was it feels more personal and meaningful to have someone stand in front of you to deliver the message. But all in all I loved it! I’m going to a few more but right now I would say there’s a slid chance I’ve found my church, which is better than what I could say last week.

So yeah…sick, and of course I haven’t had a minute to rest since I got sick so I have been running on a whole lot of coffee which isn’t good for my sick body so thank goodness I can sleep in tomorrow! Today was fun though despite my sickness because I loved church and then I had lacrosse!! Which I missed so much! I really wish I wasn’t too late for soccer season because I am having withdrawal from it right now but I will play next year and enjoy lax practice for the current time. Then after lax I got to go on a boat cruise/dance party with everyone from Cru which was very nice and I became closer with Olivia (she’s so pretty! and super nice) plus it was semi formal so I looked hot! I only have so many opportunities to dress up. My dress:

image4xxl image2xxl

So cute!!! Right?!?!? I wore cuter chows than this model though 😉 Anyway Boat Cruise was fun and even though I am super tired and very sick it was a nice day, not a ton of time to relax but a lot of fun! Tomorrow I have lax conditioning…we’ll see how that goes and a lot of errand running so wish me luck! Also!!! I believe I will start writing for HerCampus soon on the DePaul section! Yay my blog moved me up to the big leagues so check it out in the near future for some of my pieces!


-Bri ❤

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