For the past couple years I have been health crazy and decided, because I occasionally had ups and downs (where i would eat my heart out and then detox) that maybe blogging would keep me in detox mode. I love writing and eventually hope to be a journalists, so this also let’s me have an outlet for that. But anyway, I hope you all enjoy what I have to say, there will be meal plans/ and exercise routines everyday and If I do any races those will of course be posted too!! Fitness isn’t just for the skinny, it is not something that should be used only for losing weight. As I’ve found, it’s about being healthy. Whether you’re in you dumb BMI range or not, doesn’t matter. When you look in the mirror if you’re happy, that’s what matter! Fitness makes you feel happy and makes you physically healthy even if you don’t lose 100 pounds! So let’s get HEALTHY!




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